Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7: The Gift

So has everyone calmed down now after last week? It seemed the internet was full of debate about Sansa’s treatment in the previous episode. So has anything improved for Sansa?

Sadly not. Sansa is now locked in her room, and visited by Ramsey at night. We can tell by the bruises on her arm that he hasn’t been any nicer to her. Still Sansa hasn’t completely broken. She tries to get Reek to remember who he really is and to help her. Inevitably though he reveals all to Ramsey and poor Sansa is left with very few allies. I noticed she also picked something up while she was walking with Ramsey, I didn’t see what it was but hopefully ti’s something she can use as a weapon later-preferably against Ramsey, although I’m losing my patience with Reek/Theon so it wouldn’t be too bad if she killed him too. After he’s mentioned about her brothers of course.

Speaking of Sansa’s brothers, Jon Snow has now set off with the Wildings and some rangers. I’m not sure he’ll have many friends when he returns as his plan to help the Wildings is still as unpopular as ever. Then there’s also the death of Maester Aemon, which is very sad and also very sudden. Did we know he was ill previously or did it all just happen in this episode? Before he dies he tells Gilly that she should take Little Sam and run. It seems like good advise as she’s later attacked by two of the Nights Watch. Sam bravely tries to step in but he’s badly beaten and both of them are only saved by a well-timed appearance by Jon’s direwolf Ghost (speaking of which why isn’t Ghost with Jon? Do direwolfs hate the sea?). At least after all this Sam and Gilly finally get together. But this is Game of Thrones so nice things can’t last. Gilly is probably going to die and Sam will have to run away with baby Sam.

Meanwhile Stannis is near Winterfell but his camp is struggling with the snow. Melisandre comes up with a plan for Stannis to be victorious and it’s exactly as I feared, she wants to sacrifice his daughter Shireen! Luckily Stannis remembers that he’s now a good father and refuses to do so. Whats the chances of Stannis’ wife attempting to kill Shireen instead? She better not! Hopefully Stannis and Davos will put a stop to it. It’s surprising how much I’ve warmed to Stannis this season. Although I haven’t forgotten about Stannis killing Renly and draining blood from his nephew Gendry.

Over in Dorne, Jamie is held prisoner, in a rather lovely room, where his daughter/niece Myrcella visits him. Not surprisingly she still doesn’t want to go back to King’s Landing (and she hasn’t even heard whats been going on with her mother and the Sparrows yet-more on that later). I don’t blame Myrcella for not rushing away with her uncle, from her perspective she was sent to Dorne against her will, why should she rush back now she’s actually happy and planning to marry? It probably will go badly for her anyway but still I respect her decision. In the cells Bronn gets better acquainted with the Sand Snakes, especially Tyene. It’s a scene that’s basically there just to show some nudity. Which is standard Game of Thrones then. Oh and as some viewers suspected, Bronn was poisoned by Tyene’s spear, which causes some tension….until she hands an antidote over to him a few seconds later. It was all over a bit quickly really, so much for dramatic tension. Still I’m happy Bronn is alive for a little bit longer.

In King’s Landing Cersei is being even more smug than usual. Pretending to poor, distraught Tommen that she’s trying to help Margery then taunting the poor girl in her cell. Margery finally tells Cersei what she thinks of her and her ‘generosity’. I really, really hope Margery makes it out of this alive. And if she does maybe she should put her quest to become Queen on hold, it hasn’t brought her much luck has it? Then again knowing Margery she’ll probably make a beeline for Stannis. Her grandmother Olenna tries making a deal with the High Sparrow to no avail. He and the sparrows are really getting on my nerves now so I hope someone brings them down. But that’s unlikely to happen just yet. Later Olenna and Littlefinger are plotting together and Littlefinger promises her that he has a boy who will help her. Who is it he’s talking about? At first I thought Lancel but I can’t see them working together so who does he mean? Young Robin Arryn, Gendry, the long lost Rickon Stark? Basically I have no idea.

Anyway Cersei’s plan finally backfires. In a twist EVERYBODY saw coming apart from Cersei, the High Sparrow turns against her and she is thrown into the cells. Was Cersei this dumb in the books, because it’s a bit difficult to believe she could be that stupid as to trust the Sparrows. Then again I’m guessing the flashback in the first episode was to show us how blinded Cersei would be against Margery that she wouldn’t see the real threat against her.

Last but not least we’re across the Narrow Sea and Daario wants Danerys to mary him rather than…blah, blah, blah. Who cares because Tyrion and Danerys meet face to face! I thought this would take much longer to happen so I’m rather glad they didn’t drag this out too long. Although she did not look too happy to see him or Jorah. And why would she? Tryion’s brother killed her family and Jorah was spying on her for the Lannisters. Still she should make us all happy and get over it soon so we can have Tyrion bluntly telling her everything she’s doing wrong with ruling Meereen!

Overall an enjoyable episode that had plenty of things happening and moved the plot along nicely. Roll on the last three episodes!

What did you think of this episode? Are you still annoyed over last week’s controversal episode? Let me know in the comments below.



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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7: The Gift

  1. Hey dude, great recap as always, I thought this was a pretty good episode and while the action still wasn’t on a high point, it was the character moments and escalating storylines that have gotten my interest this week.

    As for Sansa up at Winterfell I was fairly disappointed, but also relieved at how she’s turn out since the last episode. I’m annoyed that she definitely knocked down a few pegs as she suffered nightly beatings (and probable forced sex too), and her lifelines for help are pretty much gone with Theon spilling the beans to Ramasy and then having the old lady skinned and killed (damn it Theon/Reek). Seems like the girls has lost all hope for help within the walls of her home. But I was glad to see that she does show strength in her words to not only Theon but also to try and take a jab at Ramsay when it comes to his heritage and status. But Theon, I think that dude’s hopeless, he’s lost to fear and serves Ramsay to a fault, so unless this season can prove me wrong, I’m not interested in his character anymore. Oh and poor Brienne, just standing there like a badass with nothing to do, what a waste of talent. I sure hope she gets something to do soon.

    As for the situation with Sam and Gilly. When Sam was getting his face smacked in and when those guys looked like they were gonna rape Gilly, I was like “Ah man this sucks.” Firstly because I thought Sam would be a least a more capable fighter than what he showed. And secondly because we’d just seen a great character raped recently and it wouldn’t be in good taste to apply that to another lady so soon. Luckily Ghost was around to save the day, I thought Sam summoned him, but upon reading reviews, I guess it was just a case of good timing. That sex scene between Gilly and Sam was so odd and funny, Sam’s words, bloody hell, he was the woman! XD Oh and Maester Aemon, he was a nice guy, it is a shame to see him pass.

    When it comes to Dorne, that Myrcella, what a bitch. I know she’s young and blissfully unaware of madness beyond her surroundings, but man she’s such a brat, I can’t deal with people who don’t want to help themselves or are delusional. Hopefully tragedy will befall her and she’ll have to turn to Jamie for help. As for the jail scene with Bronn and Tyene, firstly I have to say that scene got in a happy mood with Bronn’s song, such a beautiful voice and such a funny song. Then when Tyene showed some skin, ain’t gonna lie, that was pretty hot, but I knew there was something else going on and when my boy fell I was like, “Damn son you got poisoned yo!” I did wonder why she gave him the antidote, I thought it was fake at first but it seems legit, I think maybe she likes Bronn or possibly needs him for a future partnership?

    As for King’s Landing, that was where my main interest lied this week. The High Sparrow and Queen of Thones were on fire this week, their conversation was wonderful with some great exchanges and words of wisdom/threats. I love it when Diana Rigg is on-screen, her character brings so much sass, bluntness and force to the story with her dialogue. Also Tommen, it was great to see him actually showing that he cared and almost want to defy his mother’s will to try and save the woman he loves, but unfortunately I think Cersei was still able to manipulate him again to keep him quiet for a little while longer. Oh and poor Margaery, I hate to see my girl is such a horrible situation, but I like how she doesn’t pull any punches and gives Cersei some words of the agressive type. OH and fuck yes to seeing Cersei finally getting a nice healthy portion of karma! When she was thrown in that cell I was delighted, I mean I love Cersei (and Lena Heady’s performance for sure), but this bitch was getting too big for her boots so it is about time that someone knocked her down a few pegs.

    I thought it was fun to see Tyion beat that dude’s ass just to get bought with Jorah, it once again demonstrates that the guy’s really smart and swift in thinking. I also loved seeing Jorah fight his way through those men without having to kill any of them, it was slick, cool and most impressive. I was gutted that Daenerys took one look at him after he removed his helmet and wanted him taken away, it was a natural reaction, but like you if there had been a moment of conflict in her face before making the decision that would have worked so much better. But was glad that Tryion FINALLY got to introduce himself of Daenerys, from the way he was stuck in chains I thought we’d have to wait another episode, luckily that huge guy let Tryion go. I just hope that they can get talking and start to see how useful each other them would be to each other at this current point in time. OH, and like you I was surprised that Daenerys could easily let her dragons burn a man alive and watch his remains get eaten, but couldn’t handle a little violence in the pits, that was a little inconsistent.

    Overall good episode with some really strong moments, but I guess my issue is that GoT this season hasn’t wowed me yet or given me something that’s made me go “Yeah, GoT is perfect TV this week.” You know? I just hope the next 3 episodes are good or I’ll be severily disapppointed.

    • Yes Daenerys was a bit of a hypocrite, she claims she’s not a butcher, but getting her dragons to burn a man alive, and previously crucifiying those slavers back in season 3, she isn’t that much better than a butcher. Still at least now Tyrion can kick her ass into gear and make her a proper leader. If she doesn’t try to feed him to her dragons!

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