The Age of Adaline

Who wants to live forever hey? To be young and beautiful. Of course there’s the fact that everyone around you ages and then dies. Which is a bit of a drawback. In this movie eternal youth is one woman’s fate, but does this tale grow old quickly?

Adaline (Blake Lively) was an ordinary young woman, until she is struck by lightning in a car accident and finds herself never aging a day. However when this arouses suspicions from the authorities Adaline is forced to abandon her life and go on the run, always hiding who she really is. Then she meets Ellis (Michiel Huisman), and she starts to wonder if it’s time to stop running. But how can she have a real relationship when she can’t reveal who she really is, and that she will long outlive him?

The Age of Adaline is a charming movie that gorgeously shot. Whether it’s the flashbacks of Adaline’s life or her present day affairs, both strands are engaging. Blake Lively is terrific as Adaline and she looks gorgeous in the costumes she wears, giving Adaline the timeless look of someone who has lived through many decades. Lively also handles Adaline’s various relationships well, whether it’s scenes with her daughter, past lovers or her present day romantic interest. The scenes with her now adult daughter Flemming (Ellen Burstyn) pack the most emotional impact, and you really feel the mother daughter dynamic even if Flemming appears old enough to be Adaline’s grandmother.

The flashbacks are also full of tension and heartbreak as Adaline has to leave her old life behind, and you can see why she’s hesitant to start anything new with Ellis. There is some nice chemistry between Lively and Huisman although sometimes Ellis is lacking in real personality.

The film drags a little bit in the middle, and sometimes you feel like Adaline should just tell him her secret (although obviously it’s not an easy subject to bring up). While Adaline meeting Ellis’ family is wonderfully awkward and Harrison Ford is great in those scenes, it’s a shame that a certain twist was spoiled by the trailer. The ending was also wrapped up a bit too easily for my liking. I know it’s premise is a bit incredulous but it did stretch believeabilty a bit too much.

If Lively sticks to roles like this and less like superhero dud Green Lantern then she could have a bright career post TV’s Gossip Girl ahead of her.

Rating 3.5/ 5 – great performances from Lively and Ford bring life to this charming movie


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7 responses to “The Age of Adaline

  1. I’m looking forward to watching this movie.

  2. Great to see Lively on the big screen. She was great in Gossip Girl.

    • Yes she was great in Gosdsip Girl. I think some people have the opinion that she can’t act but I think she’s good and will get better with more interesting roles.

  3. smilingldsgirl

    It’s a fine movie. The cast really elevates it. I hated the narration because it tried to explain the magic and went on way too long but other than that I enjoyed it

    • I didn’t mind the narration so much as it gave it a bit of a modern fairy tale feel. They were lucky to get such a good cast that really helped sell the premise.

      • smilingldsgirl

        To me it took away from the fairytale by trying to explain the magic with science. I agree on the cast

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