Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

I don’t know how I feel about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I’m still in a bit of shock. And I think everyone who saw the latest episode knows what I’m talking about.

We’ll deal with that all at the end. Firstly onto slightly lighter fare. Arya is still in the House of Black and White and she’s helped a sick girl to die (I did say slightly lighter). Somehow this means that she is ready to see where the dead bodies go after they are cleaned. It turns out their faces are in some creepy chamber. Lovely. Jaqen then tells Arya that while she is not ready to be “no one” she’s ready to become “someone else”. Ok, glad that’s all cleared up.

Onto less mysterious fare Jamie and Bronn finally get to Myrcella. But (just like I predicted a few episodes back) she doesn’t want to go off with her ‘uncle’ Jamie, in fact she’d rather make out with her betrothed Trystane. It makes a change to see a couple who genuinely care about each other. You don’t see that a lot in this show. Unfortunately Myrcella not only has to deal with the interruption by Jamie but then the Sand Snakes appear and try to kidnap her. The battle between Jamie, Bronn and the Sand Snakes are pretty good. It’s almost a shame that the guards came to save Myrcella when they did, I would have liked to see how it ended. Where does this leave Jamie and Bronn though now? And surely the Sand Snakes and Ellaria won’t let the simple matter of getting arrested stand in their way of revenge?

Meanwhile Jorah and Tyrion make their way on foot to Meereen and someone finally says what I think some fans have been thinking for a while. Why does Daenerys deserve to be ruler of Westeros just because she’s a Targaryen and has three (admittedly very cool) dragons? She doesn’t know anything about Westeros and her father enjoyed burning people alive? It’s nice that the show acknowledges that Daenerys is still a long way from being a suitable ruler of Westeros. Maybe one day perhaps? Anyway Tyrion and Jorah are then kidnapped by Slavers who hope to sell them. Luckily Tyrion’s quick thinking has the Slavers take them to Meereen (yes!) to the fighting pits (boo). Still if anyone can make it out Tyrion can, although considering Jorah’s a dead man walking who know what will happen to him.

Over in King’s Landing Littlefinger tells Cersei that Sansa is at Winterfell, conveniently he leaves out his role in it all. Somehow he manages to convince Cersei to give him Knights to clean up after the inevitable Bolton/Stannis clash. Of course he wants to be made Warden of the North as well. Cersei seems to be making one bad decision after another. She thinks she’s being smart setting up both Margaery and Loras at the High Sparrow’s trial as Tommen and Olenna helplessly look on. Its’ all going to backfire on her I just know it. If the Tyrells don’t turn on her than the Sparrows will. Especially if they can put the Queen on trial I’m sure the King’s mother can, and Cersei has many more skeletons in her closet than Margery. For now it seems as though we’ll be waiting to see how bad the fallout will be before Cersei gets whats coming to her.

Now to the end of the episode. Sansa’s wedding day to Ramsey has arrived and afterwards he rapes her while forcing Reek to look. It’s a difficult scene to watch and you keep hoping Reek will somehow snap out of it and kill Ramsey. Sadly this doesn’t happen. Game of Thrones has never shied away from difficult scenes before (Ned Stark’s death, the Red Wedding) but still this feels a bit exploitive. Maybe once the shock has died down and we’ve seen how the rest of the season will play out I’ll feel differently. However the acting from all three actors were terrific and Ramsey has proved himself a worse villian than Joffrey. Please someone kill him before the end of the season? Sansa really need to light that candle and get Brienne over to finish him off.

What did you think of the events of this episode? Let me know in the comments below.



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19 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

  1. Very good review.

    I was also waiting for Theon to finally have had enough of Ramsey and kill him. I wanted it to happen after Ramsey ripped Sansa’s dress off before he even got a chance to rape her. If Theon doesn’t kill Ramsey in the next episode, or at least do something to help her escape, I am wondering if she will light the candle, and if Brienne will be able to save her.

    The battle with the Sand Snakes and Bronn and Jamie was cool, I would have liked if it could have continued longer.

    I agree 100% with what you had to say about Cersei and Tyrion.

    • If Ramsey doesn’t die soon the showrunners will have a lot of angry fans on their hands. Well, more angry fans. Hopefully someone will step in and help Sansa or maybe she’ll get the chance to kill him herself?

  2. theipc

    Jesus with this show……… can they be ANY MORE obscene than having the rape at the end?? This is getting to be too much…. “I guess we can’t kill her yet, we better rape her……” SHEESH

    • Sansa has been through so much already with Joffrey…I guess I just hoped she’d have a break from all the misery for a while. But I forgot this is Game of Thrones, we cannot have nice things happen 😦

  3. I really want Sansa to catch a break now, the girl’s been through too much already.

  4. With all the candles that were lit the friend I watching this with thought maybe Sansa also lit one to get help. Too bad that didn’t happen. I’m really liking the Arya stuff, that’s probably my favorite storyline this episode.

    • Yeah if only Brienne had seen all those candles and come running to help Sansa. The stuff with Arya was interesting, I wonder where thats all going. Who will be someone else she’ll turn into?

  5. For me, the series has been on a downhill ever since Joffrey died. And now they just keep filling up with things that are not present in the book nor which have any reason to exist! Like the end scene of this film! What exactly does it accomplish anyway? And instead of showing Sansa’s pain, they choose to go with how difficult it is for Reek to watch that! Reek… one of the show’s most useless characters… over Sansa!

    I loved the first 3 seasons but now most of the runtime in every episode is just padding. It seems to be picking up n I’m again hoping for a spectacular 9th episode but the show isn’t doing any good despite my low expectations!

    • I’ve been enjoying this season except the Sansa stuff in this episode. I guess they were showing Reek’s face so that they wouldn’t be accussed of exploiting the actress playing Sansa? I think there will be a lot of bloodshed in the 9th episode. Most of it better be Ramsey!

  6. Hi Anna cool review yo. This was an episode I liked in parts but wasn’t a great one. For me the most interesting parts was with Arya, I’m liking her development and seeing her learn to play the game and understand what needs to done in order to advance in her training to become a Faceless Man. I like that Jaqen is finally taking Arya to the next step and I’m curioys to see who she’ll become. That lower level of the House of Black & White with those pillars of faces, bloody hellI was wondering how that was all put together and if they need to be collected then how does one get the higher faces? Is there a ladder? Haha.

    The stuff in Dorne wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. The only stuff I really liked was that moment with Jamie and Bronn when Bronn was singing that song and he wasn’t allowed to finish. Oh and that scene when he disses one of the Snakes for being a small girl. I thought the fight between Jamie and Bronn and the Sand Snakes was bit lazy and lacking in the choreography section. Oh and Tryion getting out of that situation with his quick wit and beautiful way with words, what a don, I’ve never seen someone think so quickly on their feet. He’s speed and powers of persuation are insane.

    As for Littlefinger I love how he is playing the field and basically making deasl with everyone, making sure that if one plan fails he has a back up ready to go. He has no proper alliance to anyone but himself and while that means some of the people around him suffer for his decisions (SANSA!), he is a crafty little bastard and I love it. I also hope that Olenna gets Cersei back for what she’s done. That conversation they had was awesome but it was that look Olenna gave, I’m hopeing that was a “oh girl, you done pissed me off now. I’m gonna get you back you bitch!”

    Now let’s move onto the scene that’s got the internet talking. The rape of Sansa Stark by Ramasy “The Asshole” Bolton. All I have to say is Poor Sansa, I really like the girl, she now has my respect. The show’s been building up her character and now I feel like this moment is either gonna undo all of her courage and turn her into a sad, defenceless victim like the majority of the first three seasons. OR she’ll use this horrible situation, turn into fuel, maybe pretend to be messed up and then fuck up Ramasy late on? One can only hope. Now for me that scene was very disturbing, mainly because it is Rasmay, the douchebag of douchebags traumatizing our fair lady in a sadistic manner, but also because Theon was forced to watch and even though the deed was done off-screen, it was crafted in a way that left your mind to ponder of the horrors that was unfolding. I knew that Sansa was in for a bad time when she agreed to the marriage, but this is just the worst case scenario for Sansa’s first marriage and sexual experience. I was totally hoping she had a hidden blade in her dress when she started undressing, but alas that didn’t come to pass. I also thought that Theon may do something since there was such a long focus on his face at the end, but again that didn’t happen either.

    As for how I feel about the show going too far, I wouldn’t say this was the worst thing ever. Violence is never a problem, but things of a sexual nature are and I can’t say I’ve ever been completely comfortable with some of it. I would say the scene with Cersei and Jamie was way creepier and unsettling because of the way it was done and the fact that it was next to their dead child. Though I think the most surprising and unnerving thing for me was that moment during the Red Wedding when Talisa is stabbed in the stomach multiple times by Lame Lothar. That was just unbelievable. A pregnant lady getting stabbed in the tummy, that shit shook me up.

    Well that’s my thoughts, thanks for reading and sorry it was so long! 😀

    • This episode was so mixed for me. There was some good stuff with the Arya bits, and Tyrion is amazing as per usual. His scenes were so funny. Daenerys could really use a quick-thinking guy like him on her side. Bronn is also halarious but I’m always worried he’s going to get killed off. I hope not.
      Sexual violence in shows like this always makes uncomfortable. I think it was perhaps worse becuase Sansa was so young and has been through so much. The Cersei/Jamie scene was also wrong on some many levels. I wasn’t too keen on Danys and Dragos wedding night either.
      Hopefully next weeks GoT will be a bit lighter. Then again knowing this show it may get worse!

  7. I don’t get why everyone reacts so strongly with the Sansa scene. I get rape is horrible but its hardly a surprising act for this show. People have been raped loads on this show. But as with reality nobody cares if it happens to someone who isn’t important.

    Also, and I don’t like to point it out, is it rape?
    She married him, never said no, resisted in no way and wasn’t under the influence of any drug. Granted her option where slim to nothing but technically was it?

    On a lighter note (kind of) I imagine Ramsey’s death scene will be spectacularly painful and graphic.

    • I think it’s partly because Sansa is still considered quite young in the show, and we’ve seen her go through so much already so it’s a hard thing to watch. I believe thats why people reacted so much about it.

      I think it is still considered rape because given a choice she wouldn’t have wanted to have sex in that way with Theon watching. Ramsey also said to her don’t make me ask you again so implying that he would do something even more horrible to her if she didn’t. Also she now has more of an idea what Ramsey is like so to say no out loud would have been very dangerous for her, but it doesn’t mean she was consenting to sex. Thats what i think anyway.
      Ramsey has to die surely? I think it’s just a case of who will do the deed. Whoever does it will become a fan favourite I’m sure.

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