Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5: Kill the Boy

I can’t believe we’re half way through the season already!

Despite the title of the episode no boys were killed during this episode. We’re talking about metaphorical killing here.

First things first – Grey Worm lives! Yah. But Ser Barristan has died. Boo! This puts Daenerys in one hell of a hissy fit and takes all the leaders of the great families of Mareen (including a member of her own council Hizdahr zo Loraqto) to visit her dragons and has one man burnt to a crisp. And she doesn’t even know if he’s guilty of working with the Sons of Harpy! I was starting to wonder if Daenerys’ council was cursed but she later decides after some contemplating that she would spare Hizdahr. She tells him she will agree to open the fighting pits and she will attempt to give peace to Mareen by marry Hizdahr. He’s either going to be the happiest guy alive marrying the beautiful young queen or he’s going to be afraid the curse of Daenerys will creep up on him next (also didn’t she kill his father a season or two before? That will make any family get togethers a bit awkward).

At Winterfell Sansa finds out a bit more about her intended husband’s true nature as she comes face to face with Theon/Reek. While she still doesn’t know the true extent of Ramsay’s lunacy she’s getting close as she sees a broken, meek Theon. Then Ramsay comes up with the bonkers idea of Reek giving Sansa away at the wedding! Ramsay’s fun is soon brought to an end when his stepmother reveals she’s pregnant. Although his father states Ramsay is still his heir I doubt that will placate Ramsay for long. I’ve heard rumours that Ramsay is meant to be worse than ever this season and I’ve been worried who his next victim would be. I thought Sansa would be in trouble but now I fear for his stepmother and her unborn child. Still at least Sansa has been told by a Stark supporter where to go if she needs help. Also luckily for her Brienne and Pod are nearby. I just hope they won’t be too late.

Another group heading to Winterfell is Stannis and his men. This is the second episode in a row where I haven’t found Stannis to be a complete bore. He’s also smart making sure Sam is still investigating the White Walkers. Still that makes me worried, now we’re seeing more of his softer side with his daughter Shireen bad things are bound to happen. especially as he insist his wife and daughter should come with him to Winterfell. Meanwhile Jon Snow has made a controversal pact with the leader of the Wildings- freedom to come pass The Wall and then give their help to the Watch when the time comes. It’s a bold plan and it has many detractors. As Jon plans to travel with the Wildings I just hope he’s made the right choice.

Anyway the highlight of this episode is at the end with Tyrion and Jorah sailing their way through ruins of Valyria, when Drogon the dragon appears! Tyrion for once is speechless. But the moment is ruined when a group of inflicted people called Stone Men appear and try to kill them. Tyrion almost drowns in the chaos but is saved by Jorah. All seems well until we see Jorah has been infected by the Stone Men. Poor Jorah. But hey maybe he’ll die in his beloved Khaleesi’s arms? Lets hope no one tells him about the wedding…

Theres a lot of talk in this episode about fighting, and a war at Winterfell but with not a lot of action. Hopefully the fight for Winterfell will start soon. They’ve been building it up for long enough. It was  a shame we didnt;t get to see Dorne, King’s Landing or wherever Arya is at the moment. I guess that’s the problem with so many characters. However it’s still a great, tense episode.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below.



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6 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5: Kill the Boy

  1. Well written review.

    I liked the episode. I am interested to see what happens next with certain characters that were not in the episode. I agree with you that the best part was what happened while Tyrion and Jorah were sailing their way through the ruins of Valyria.

  2. I agree with you and Robbin that the highlight is the old Valyria scene. It’s a great surprise that Tyrion and Jorah went there. I hope to see more Arya, she’s only been in a couple of episodes so far and we’re halfway through the season. Great review!

    • I could probably have a whole spin off series of Tyrion on his way to find Daenerys, he’s such a good character. Poor Jorah though 😦 Yes hopefully we’ll see more of Arya next week, as well as the characters in King’s Landing.

  3. Ramsey is a monster but he is really funny character. And Stannis being a grammar Nazi made my day xD

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