Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4: Sons of the Harpy

It’s heating up now across the Seven Kingdoms and getting more bloodier by the second.

Cersei is making moves against the Tyrells sending Mace Tyrell off to the Iron Bank, on a trip I suspect Cersei hopes will be a one way journey. She then teams up with the High Sparrow and gives them more power in the city which results in Loras Tyrell being arrested! Needless to say Margery is not happy but Tomas is too spineless to doing anything about it. I’m not exactly sure what Cersei is hoping to achieve. In the short-term she’s put Margery in her place but it can’t be a good idea to make enemies of the Tyrells and the houses loyal to them. Especially as Margery plans to inform her grandmother Olenna, the real head of the Tyrell household, of what Cersei has done. There’s no way this can end well for Cersei. The Sparrows are on a mission to route out all those who they believe are sinful and if Cersei was Mother Theresa that would be fine, however as the queen of incest she’s bound to be targeted by the sparrows eventually.

Over at The Wall the red lady Melisandre tries to entice Jon Snow to join Stannis, and even drops her clothes to persuade him. However Jon, eventually, resists. Melisandre leaves but not before telling him “You know nothing Jon Snow” (!), repeating what Jon’s Wilding lover Yigrette said to him a couple of seasons ago. Way to freak him out! Meanwhile Stannis defies my expectation and has a scene which isn’t completely boring! His conversation with his daughter Shireen about how much he fought to keep her alive when she was ill was quite sweet, although didn’t he still keep her locked away from others for years? Sorry Stannis you’re still far from father of the year.

We’re only given a short scene at Winterfell this week with no Boltons or Theon. Littlefinger has been summoned back to King’s Landing by Cersei (which considering his brothel has been raided twice now should be an interesting conversation), leaving Sansa alone with the Boltons. They plot how Sansa can wrap Ramsey around her little finger yet they have no idea who they are messing with. They part with Littlefinger planting another creepy kiss on Sansa. Poor Sansa can she ever find a suitor whose just normal?

Elsewhere we actually spend some time in Dorne, where Jamie and Bronn try not to draw attention to themselves…by immediately fighting four Dornish guards then having to hide the bodies. Well Bronn has too. I’m loving the partnership between Jamie and Bronn, such as Bronn doubting Jamie’s concern for Myrcella being purely as “her uncle” . They better hope they find Myrcella before Ellaria Sand and Oberyn’s daughters, known as the Sand Snakes, find her. They already know Jamie is in Dorne and they are prepared to go to war to avenge Oberyn’s death. Again I’m not sure this is a smart decision, especially as no one forced Oberyn to take part in the fight. I’m not sure what to make of these new characters yet. The costumes look good, and they have cool weapons but we’ll have to see if they will become classic Thrones characters. At the moment the daughters all seem interchangeable so maybe next week we’ll start seeing their different personalities.

Across the Narrow Sea Jorah informs Tyrion of his plan to take him to Danerys, to which Tryion burst out laughing. He quickly deduces Jorath’s character is trying to get himself back in Danery’s good books. And gets himself a punch from Jorath for his trouble. It looks like Danery’s could really use both Jorath and Tyrion’s help as the Sons of the Harpy attack the Unsullied and now there could be two spaces free on Danerys council. While we have to wait until next week to see if both Greyworm and Barristan have survived, it doesn’t look good, and I think Barristan is defiantly a goner. But what do I know? Like Jon Snow, nothing.

A hell of a cliffhanger to end on (especially for those who watched the first four episodes weeks ago) and there plenty of threats of war. Hopefully they’ll be empty promises. But I’m betting on a big siege at Winterfell around episode 9.

What do you think of the latest episode? Let me know in the comments below?


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7 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4: Sons of the Harpy

  1. Great job on covering all the major points in your review. I’m looking forward to the return of grandmother Olenna and can’t wait for Tyrion to meet Dany.

    • Thanks. I can’t wait for Olenna to turn up. Cersai is going to be so sorry for locking up Loras by the time Olenna is through with her. And I’m looking forward to Tyrion talking some sense into Dany, he can make her a great leader, if she listens to him that is.

  2. Cool review Lauren, man this episode had a lot of moving parts but I thought this was another great episode with some shocking and intriguing moments.

    First thing I have to mention is the fact that Melissandre trying it on with Jon Snow. I frigging knew it’d happen! The moment in the lift in episode one made me feel uncomfortable, and I knew that strange woman had an eye on my boy, like she wanted a piece of him, and it came to pass! For a second I thought Jon was gonna give into her naked body, but he showed restraint and defended his feelings for his former lover Ygritte which I give him props for. One other thing to note, Melissandre, does she ever wear anything more than that dress/nightgown? She’s seems like a woman practically ready to go and does she not feel the cold? Haha.

    Secondly that battle with those douchebag Harpy guys, epic battle, so much death and pain. Greyworm did really well to fend those guys as a one man army after his comrades pretty much failed to be badasses, andSer Barristan he also did great but when they both started getting stabbed up I’m like “No! This can’t be the end for them!” There were fighting against incredible odds but they were doing well, but it looks like both Ser Barristan and Greyworm dropped in the line of duty. I seriously hope that Greyworm isn’t out for good, I really like that guy he’s so recent and cool.

    With Daenerys finding out about what happened to her people, will that give Jorah Returns and Tyrion a bit more leeway when they come to see her? I mean after the results of this battle she’ll need all the help she can get and I can see Tyrion’s skills being invaluable at this point, and maybe considering her losses, Daenerys will consider taking Jorah back just as help/reinforcement? Oh and that small moment between Stannis and his duaghter really gave me the most human aspect of his character in the series so far, the dude’s always been so cold, calcuated and somewhat boring, but that conversation with Shireen really showed that he has a heart somewhere deep down. Oh and how creepy was it to see Littlefinger kiss Sansa, again, it was awkward and weird the first time and it happened a second time! Littlefinger, he is brilliant but man he’s dodgy.

    In need more of this show, the hype levels are building!

    • Melissandra is creepy. I was glad Jon turned her down otherwise I was afraid she may try and get his blood or something. As for her taste in clothes, yes you would think she would be a bit cold, espcially in the North but then again she probably is warm from all the people she burnt over the years 🙂 I really hope Greyworm is alive, he was practically having to fight the Sons of Harpys singlehandedly. I thought the Unsullied were meant to be great fighters? Then again I suppose they are better in a big group and in formation. I really hope following on from this that Dany starts to listen to her council more and let Jorah and Tyrion advise her. But she’s a stubborn one so who knows. Yes Stannis was actually really good in that scene with his daughter. But that makes me worried something was going to happen to Shireen. I can’t believe we’re nearly half way through the season already!

  3. Stannis is such a fascinating character. Loved the father daughter moment between them 😀

    • I have found him slightly more interesting than I did in previous seasons. Maybe I’ll be a fully fledged Stannis fan by the end of the series? Stranger things have happened in the GoT world. And his scene with his daughter was a nice moment.

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