Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3: High Sparrow

After a slow start to the season things are finally moving along with a few shocks in store for the audience.

In King’s Landing Tommen and Margery wed and Tommen manages to avoid the curse of Margery’s previous husbands as they consumate the marriage. Poor Tommen has no idea what he’s got himself into – not that he is complaining – as he’s completely besotted with Margery and doesn’t realise she is manipulating him into sending his mother away. I love Margery, she is one of my favourite characters, i love her shameless ambition. But surely Tommen can’t be long for this world, and what will happen to Margery then? Unless she can produce an heir she may not be queen for long. Margery’s scene with Cersei was brilliant and now that Margery is Queen, Cersei’s position at King’s Landing is in doubt.

She may have made some new alias as we’re introduced to more members of the Sparrows and it’s leader the High Sparrow. He seems to be interested in helping the poor but can we really take him at face value? Everyone is always hiding something in this world.

Arya meanwhile has to learn to lose herself if she wants to stay in Braavos. She is told by Jaqen that she must learn to serve but Arya only wants to serve herself. In an attempt to prove herself she throws away all of her belongings however she is unable to let needle go, and hides her sword away. I think this is a good choice. She will no doubt be in need of it sometime in the future.

While Arya loses herself, Sansa is grabbing back her identity. She returns to Winterfell and as part of Littlefinger’s plan, is due to marry Ramsey! Poor Sansa, her terror when Littlefinger told her she was to marry the son of the man who betrayed her family was really well portrayed. However she eventually regains her composure and listens to Littlefinger words of revenge. She enters Winterfell and turns her steely gaze into a charming smile, which recalls her time with Joffrey when she had to hide her disgust with a smile. If she was to plan a revolt against the Boltons it would seem there is still support at Winterfell as one woman tells her “The North Remembers”. Still Sansa and Littlefinger don’t know the real Ramsey yet (who now flays people and leaves their skin about – gross) and are yet to see Theon/Reek. It will be interesting to see what will happen when those paths cross. Theon/Reek is avoiding Sansa at the moment but he won’t be able to for long.

Brienne and Pod are still following Sansa and the two bond as Brienne appologises for being so short with him. She also reveals how she ended up so devoted to Renly as she recounts being humiliated at a party until Renly saved her. Brienne is truly heartbreaking in this scene and I love Pod interupting to make sure Brienne was aware that Renly was gay (she did). I wouldn’t like to be Stannis when Brienne catches up with him.

Following on from last week’s vote Jon Snow is the Lord Commander of the Watch, and is already showing that he means business. He declines Stannis offer of a lordship and to go to Winterfell (if only he knew Sansa was there!) Later he wisely placats Ser Alliser by naming him First Ranger. However Janos Slynt is not prepared to follow orders and when he insults Jon the latter responds my cutting his head off! And being a Stark he naturally wields the sword himself.

Lastly Tryion pursades Varys to go to a brothel where, to his own surprise Tyrion finds he is unable to have sex with a whore. Instead he is kidnapped by Jorah Mormont who promises to take him to the queen! I presume he means Daeneys, but no doubt Tyrion will be afraid he’ll be headed back to Westros. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find Jorath hanging out a place where they have a Daenerys look alike as one of the whores! But will bringing Tyrion to Daeneys mean he’ll come back into the fold?

Although no Daeneys or the city of Dorne this episode, there was plenty of exciting developments. A strong episode which will hopefully continue next week.

What did you think of the latest episode? Let me know in the comments below.



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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3: High Sparrow

  1. Cool recap Lauren, I really liked this episode, seems like things are picking up and certain aspects of the story are starting to take shape.

    For me I was most invested in Arya’s story, seems like she’ll have a lot to deal with and learn to overcome if she wishes to be a Faceless Man. Those people aren’t really sharers and come accross as quite vacant and emotionless. That girl when she was taunting Arya, I just wanted Arya to stab her, the cheeky bitch. Anyways, I was gutted to see Arya basically through away her memories and indentity away in the ocean, that was some emotional stuff, I was totally like “NO! Don’t get rid of Needle, you can’t.” So glad she hid it away where it can later be obtained.

    As for the other stuff, firstly seeing Cersei and Margaery butt heads was fun, I can see Margaery’s is enjoying her new position of power and is taking sarcastic jabs at Cersei in a fabulous fashion. That being said I am worried for her, you don’t taunt someone like Cersei and not have any repercussions, I can tell she’s gonna try something. Secondly I was happy to see more time given to Brienne and Pod. I love how loyal and kind-hearted Pod is and I’m glad he finally got an apology from Brienne, that meanie. Although I still like Brienne, and the backstory on her really gave her character more depth and made me understand why she is like she is; loyal but cold. I can’t wait to see her train Pod and have them being able to cover each other’s backs.

    Seeing Tyrion now is interesting, he’s changed a lot and realises that certain aspects of his life have changed and affected his behaviour, oh and seeing him get kidnapped by Jorah was random. I like it though. This guy’s been down and out for ages and to see him steal Tyrion just screams of desperation to get back in the good graces of Daenerys. I wonder how she’ll take it. And finally fuck yeah Jon Snow being a badass. I like how he’s becoming a leader of men, delegating tasks and not holding back when it comes to enforcing his rules. When Slynt spoke against Jon I was like “Oh shit dude, you done fucked up.” Then Slynt begs for mercy but nope, off goes his head and it was kick ass. Stannis was clearly impressed from what I could tell. Oh and finally poor Sansa having to be wed to that filthy psycho Ramsey, if he does anything to her I’ll be mortified. That being said it does seem like she has a good head on her shoulders, she’s smart, cunning and under Littlefinger’s influence I think she may be able to do some good, maybe even kill of Ramsey (that would make my day for sure).

    Anyways sorry for the long-winded comment lol.

    • I was so worried for Sansa. I was practically shouting no at the screen when I relaised who Littlefinger wanted her to marry. I just hope she or Theon ends up killing Ramsay before he can do anything to her. But you never know with this show. Jon was a badass in this episode, I think he’s proved he’s not to be messed with and I doubt many people will call him a bastard to his face again. I do worry for Margery, she’s queen for now but for how long? We’ve seen three different kings on the Iron Throne over five seasons and I don’t think Toman is going to last til season 6 so where will Maregry be then.

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