Game of Thrones Season Five Episode 2: The House of Black and White

Another episode down! And we finally get to see Arya and Dorne!

Cersei is worried about her daughter Myrcella after a veiled threat appears -a small viper statue with Myrcella necklace in its fangs, which results in Jamie stepping up to bring his daughter home with a little help from everyone favourite hired swordhand. I was worried that Bronn going to get married would mean it was the last we would see of him, happily this is not the case. But will their journey be successful? It would be an interesting twist if Myrcella had switched sides to Dorne and be against the Lannisters. Doubtful but then you never know what can happen in this show.

Although she under the protection of the Martell’s, Myrcella does have enemies in Dorne with Ellaria Sand wanting revenge for Oberyn’s death (still think it’s a shame he was killed off). She wants Myrcella’s head on a plate but Doran Martell rebuffs her plans. I love a good power struggle and though our visit to Dorne was brief in this episode there look like there will be plenty of conflict to come!

At The Wall Jon Snow is offered to be named the Lord of Winterfell and a legitimate Stark if he kneels before Stannis. But Jon – a true Stark even if not by name – does the nobel thing and sticks to his vows as a man of the Night’s Watch. But due to Sam’s strong words to his fellow-men Jon is voted the Lord Commander! And we actually saw Jon smile! Miracles can happen. It was great to see something good happen to Jon Snow for once and I was proud of Sam and how confidently he spoke up for Jon. But there’s bound to be trouble ahead, maybe enough to make Jon regret being made Lord Commander.

In the Vale Brienne and Podrick finally meet Sansa! Unfortunately Littlefinger’s meddling (and Brienne’s admittedly bad luck with the people she previously sworn to protect) means Sansa refuses Brienne’s help. First Arya, now Sansa, no one wants Brienne. But luckily Brienne has a new-found determination and she resolves to follow Sansa for when she eventually realises she can’t trust Littlefinger. Hopefully Brienne’s plan will work, but seeing as nothing has so far I’m not too sure it will.

In Braavos Arya finally gets to her destination and arrive at the House of Black and White…only to be turned away. Oh dear! But then later the man who turned her away is revealed to be the man she was looking for all along – Jaqen H’ghar! I’m not really sure why he didn’t let her inside in the first place but still it was a cool reveal.

Only a short bit of Tyrion and Varys this week sadly but they are still great as ever. Their conversation about how they are considered freaks and will never be accepted was so sad and so well acted. There was a good bit of black humour when Tyrion joked that they can’t kill every dwarf just to find him – cut to Cersei being delivered a dwarf’s head from some men looking for payment. Cersei herself is having problems among the King’s council as she is delivering orders while Tomen is elsewhere, leading to her uncle Kevan leaving until he heard directly from Tomen. Although she’s cunning, Cersei isn’t as smart as she thinks she is and it’s bound to cost her dearly.

In Meereen, Daario and Grey worm capture a member of the Son of the Harpy leading to much debate over how to deal with him. After hearing some home truths from Ser Barristan about the Mad King’s actions Dany decideds on a fair trial rather than immediate death like she normally would. However one of her council members Mossador kills him first. Dany then decides to publicly execute Mossador. Its heartbreaking hearing Mossador plead for his life because he obviously believed he was doing was to protect Dany. Although I can see why Dany had to kill him, I’m not sure it’s the best move considering the riot that broke out afterwards, has Dany lost the people of Meereen?

An enjoyable episode. Still a bit light on action and developement in some areas, but still engaging all the same. I think now that the main characters have all been established they can now move the plot along further. And most importantly of all Drogon the dragon made an appearance! Everything is better with dragons!

So what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 responses to “Game of Thrones Season Five Episode 2: The House of Black and White

  1. I was so excited to see Arya! I’m not really sure why either Jaqen H’ghar didn’t let her in at first, but I’m liking that this character is back and paying off this storyline that was set up in Season 2. Drogon is huge! Great review.

  2. Great write-up! I thought this episode was pretty solid as well, they seem to be doing a lot of good establishing of exactly where all the characters are at, early on in the piece. Looking forward to more of Arya!

    • Now the majority of characters have been established it will be exciting to see what happens next! Although I’m anxious in case anyone I like dies.

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