Game of Throne Season 5 Episode 1: The Wars to Come

It felt like we had been through a long winter waiting for Game of Thrones to come back on our screens. Now that it’s returned was it worth the wait?

In my opinion yes. It is a slow episode, more setting up the stories for the season rather than starting with a bang, although we did get someone being burnt alive at the end so that’s enough excitement for a season premier.

So we began the episode with a flashback to a young Cersei having her future read by a witch. She tells her she will marry a King and have three children although not with the King. She also says that her children will wear golden crowns and golden shrouds and her downfall will be a younger woman. So this doesn’t look good for Cersei’s remaining two children Toman and Marcella. And who is the younger woman? From the looks of it Cersei has her suspicions set firmly on Margery but could it be Sansa or Daenerys that will rise up against her? Cersei has been riding high for too long and I think this season may serve as her comeuppance. It’s just a question of how and by whom?

Meanwhile Tyrion is drowning his sorrows across the narrow sea in Pentos and giving us too much information on how he went to the bathroom while being stuck inside a crate on his journey. His scenes with Varys are full of humour and also reveal what Varys plans are. He wants Tyrion to team up with Daenerys! While this would be an excellent idea I’m not sure it will be so easy. After all his brother Jamie killed her family so she might not be so willing to work with a Lannister. However if she can get over this and work with Tyrion I think they would be a formidable and powerful team.

Daenerys could certainly use the counsel, having let her right hand man go last season she has no one to guide her properly in making decision in Meereen and with a killer on the loose she needs all the help she can get. I’m not sure if Daario will give her the best advise so I think Daenerys could be in for a rough ride this season.

On the Wall Jon Snow is trying to train new recruits while also being caught in the middle of Stannis and Mace. I have to admit while I love most of the characters on the show, or at least love to hate, I find Stannis and his Sorceress completely dull. At least their presence at the Wall pushes along the plot and Mace refusing to bend the knee to Stannis adds real drama. He also receives a gruesome punishment by being burnt alive while everyone watches on. I almost cheered when Jon Snow finally put an end to Mace’s misery and shot him with an arrow, although I’m not sure if it will go down all that well with Stannis.

I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Arya or the southern region of Dorne in the opening episode and it was frustrating to see Sansa and Brienne miss each other. So close! But overall it was an interesting episode full of promise over what’s to come this season. I can’t wait for next week!

 So what did you think of the First episode of season 5, was it a hit or a miss? Let me know in the comments what you think?



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7 responses to “Game of Throne Season 5 Episode 1: The Wars to Come

  1. The premiere was a solid for me. Some scenes like Pod & Brienne didn’t give us that much to chew on but overall I enjoyed it.

    That’s a good point about how Daenerys might react when Tyrion shows up. I’m excited to see these two meeting each other and hopefully teaming up.

    I haven’t been a fan of Stannis’ scenes in the past but I do like how he’s the only one right now that is willing to fight the Boltons and take back King’s Landing. Good review, can’t for wait for more GOT!

    • Glad you enjoyed it too. Yeah Stannis is one of the few contenders left for the throne, but even if he gets the throne I can’t see him keeping it. Roll on next week!

  2. Hi Lauren great review yo, I’m glad someone is reviewing GoT again so I get to discuss episodes with someone lol. I thought this was a good episode, while it was a little hard to follow for me because sometimes there are topics of conversation I’m not too sure about and characters who I have no idea who they are, at the same time, when I am engaged things tend to be pretty fun.

    The things that stood out to me was firstly the way that Melisandre was looking at Jon during their conversation about him being a virgin, eww, creepy. That woman, she’s super creepy and she looked like she wanted a piece of him, I would have shuffled away from her if I were him. Also I loved the scenes with Tyrion and Varys in Pentos, those two are an odd, yet interesting pair who I think could do a lot of good in this upcoming war. Tyrion is such a don, even when he’s down in the dumps he still manages to be funny and badass at the same time, and to know that Varys is a supporter of Targaryen rule was very interesting, I can’t wait for them to meet Daenerys and potentially form new alliances.

    Another thing that stood out to me was those eyes on Tywin, so creepy, I’ll never get over how odd they look on dead people. It was also good to see Brienne and Pod again, poor pod, he’s so loyal and yet is getting so much verbal abuse. I know his use to Brienne is next to nothing now, but he’s one of my favourite characters and I hate to see him in such awkward point where he has almost no value. Oh and good on Jon for giving Mance a quick death, that was getting increasingly painful and uncofortable so for Jon to do that, I give him credit, though I don’t think some will be happy with what he did.

    • It was a strong episode-hopefully the first of many! Although it was a little light on action there was still a lot of interesting devlopment. I hope they keep Tyropn/Varys dynamic as they are so funny. I almost forgot about Pod! I think he’s great, but I’m always worried that he is about to be killed off. Hopefully he will stay around for a bit longer but then someone has to go 😦 thats the problme with GOT theres so many characters I don’t want killed off.

      • Oh I hear ya about the action, but since it was the introduction to the season I assume that some of these episodes will be setting up bigger things to come. Man I hope Pod doesn’t get killed off, I mean now that you’ve said it I won’t be as surprised if it happens, but I love Pod.

      • Maybe Pod will outlive everyone and be the last man standing? Then he can be the King on the Iron Throne! 🙂

      • I like that idea. 🙂 That would be an unexpected yet brilliant rise to power for a guy who used to be nothing more than a servant haha.

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