Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?

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Having a deep discussion with my work colleagues the other day offered up a number of big, important debates. One in particular stood out in my mind. Which Game of Thrones character are you? The answer can be quite revealing.

I asked my colleagues who they thought I was. The answer was quite surprising-to me anyway. Apparently I’m like Sansa Stark.

Knowing that some people really disliked Sansa I was not sure if I was happy with that comparison, surely I’m a stronger character like Arya or Daenerys? And that would mean I would fall for idiots like Joffrey!  Then when I thought about it Sansa was probably more accurate then I thought. While I’m not overly girlie like Sansa I’m nowhere near a Tomboy like Arya. I like luxury and the nice things in life. I am normally quite polite and don’t like conflict. I probably wouldn’t be aware of the political maneuvering behind the scenes like Sansa was at the beginning of the show – in other words a bit dim when it comes to those kind of things. I also wouldn’t be able to cope with the burning hot sun and sand where Daenerys currently reigns. I am no dragon.

So with that all in mind, let me know which Game of Thrones character are you? And which one do you wish you were?

Are you the keeper of secrets and gossips like Lord Varys? Do you know nothing like Jon Snow? Or are you the Queen of scheming like power-hungry Cersei Lannister? (hopefully without the incest). Let me know in the comments below.

Also for those of us who have not read the books-please no spoilers! Thanks.


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5 responses to “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?

  1. Hi Lauren, interesting topic of discussion here. So you’re Sansa? Interesting, she has to deal with so much shit last season, but considering how dark and sneaky she’s gotten I can’t help but feel like she is a really cool character now. For me I think I’d either be Varys because I’m quiet, sneaky and don’t get involved in the major action. But then I think I could be Tyrion, a man hated by many but liked by few, he’s unsung hero who gets no credit for his actions and had to deal with a lot of drama. OR if I were allowed to be a girl I’d be Arya, someone who has something to prove, moves around a lot, gets stronger and is a little badass.

    • I think Sansa has got so much potential to be a real player in the political games. I thought her and Tyrion could have been a very powerful couple if they had learned to trust each other and work together. Some good choices there for you! Varys is such an interesting character and Tyrion is so cool. I wish I had Tyrion’s wit to come up with some of his smart comebacks.

  2. Am not really like any of them. To be fair I don’t think I have met anyone like them 😀

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