It Follows (2014)

When will horror movie teens learn, just don’t have sex-ever! This latest horror from director/writer David Robert Mitchell makes a direct link between sex and death that is so often implied in slasher movies. But will this movie offer anything original to the horror genre?

Nineteen year old Jay (Maika Monroe) sleeps with her new boyfriend, who soon confesses afterwards that he has passed a deadly curse on to her through sex. A creature will be following her, slowly but steadily and won’t rest until she’s dead. No one else can see the creature and it can look like anyone. She can run for a while but the only sure-fire way to rid herself of the curse is to pass it on to someone else.

It Follows offers a new take on the sex equals death theme that runs through these type of movies. It’s a simple idea with a haunting creature that can take on any form while relentlessly coming for its victim. The beginning, showing one girl affected by the curse, is interesting and suspenseful as you wonder what the hell is going on. As you discover the rules of the curse you are willing Jay on to find a way to escape the creature’s clutches. You are constantly on edge as you are watching the screen, checking in the background for a lone figure to be coming straight for Jay. Monroe shows her role in The Guest was not a fluke and could be the new Scream Queen to watch. Her sister and friends are also a likeable and loyal bunch-which is makes a refreshing change for a horror film which normally show teenagers as bratty and horrible.

The film has a stylish look to it, almost dreamlike at the beginning until it turns into a waking nightmare (perhaps appropriate considering the idea for the film came to the director in his sleep). The director choreograph the film perfectly using 360 degree pans to make you feel like you always have to be on the lookout.The score also felt menacing and foreboding although was perhaps overplayed a little by the end.

Considering how creepy the premise is and how well made it is, it’s a becomes a little disappointing as it goes on. Bottom line is, it just wasn’t scary enough. After a great build up I kept expecting something a bit more but there was no final set piece that had me jumping out my seat or left me to scared to go to sleep. Maybe it was because I read so many good things about this film beforehand that it couldn’t live up to the hype?

Still for anyone looking for something different, this little chiller may provide some creepy fun.

Rating 3.5/5 – smart and creepy but needed to have more scares to be considered a classic


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6 responses to “It Follows (2014)

  1. Sounds like there was a good premise that got lost along the way. Who do you rate as good scream queens?

  2. I do think it’s a good film, and I enjoyed it but I felt it was more of a ‘fun’ horror as opposed to a scary one. It’s got a great atmosphere though, and yeah def agree about the lack of a real climax

  3. Cool review yo, yours is probably the first one I’ve read and while I wasn’t too fussed about it from the trailers (mainly because it confused me a little), however from the way you describe it, it sounds like a good watch for the most part. May give it a watch if I get the chance.

    • Its an interesting film and is well shot and acted but for a horror film it didn’t leave me that scared. But if you want something a bit different I would dfeinately recomend it.

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