Vampire Academy (2014)

Sometimes I wish vampires would just stay dead and buried. At least then we wouldn’t be overrun by loads of rubbish vampire movies. Mixing vampires and teenage drama is nothing new, but this adaptation of the popular Vampire Academy Young Adult novels attempts to put their own spin on the genre. But will this have any real bite or just plain suck (sorry it’s hard to do a vampire movie review without a few puns).

Best friends Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry) have more problems than your average teenagers. First Rose is a Dhampir (half human half vampire) and Lissa is a royal Moroi (peaceful vampires). Having been on the run from their boarding school for a year due to threats against Lissa, they are now being dragged back to the Academy. As they re-integrate back into school life they soon find the threats against Lissa are starting again and are worse than before. But who is threatening Lissa and why?

I can’t say Vampire Academy is a good film exactly but it is enjoyably naff. It looks so embarrassingly cheap you wonder a) where did the $30 million budget go? b) did they really think there would be a sequel as the ending suggest? Considering it flopped at the box office a follow-up movie seems unlikely.

For all its flaws-and there are many- Vampire Academy wasn’t boring. Mostly because I was trying to remember my Dhampirs from my Moroi to my Strigoi (evil vamps), what powers the Moroi had and laughing at the cheap fight scenes. Some of the exposition are so randomly dropped in it feels like the story was being rushed. But I have to say it’s nice to watch a vampire teen movie where the main focus is on the friendship between the girls than on their relationships with the boys they fancy -of course there’s still plenty of that dull nonsense. At least Lissa’s love interest Christian (Dominic Sherwood) was better than Rose’s dull mentor Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) who comes across too old and creepy for Rose.

You also wonder how Gabriel Byrne, Joley Richardson and Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko got roped into being in this film. Did someone have a conservatory to pay off?

While this isn’t a film I would necessarily recommend, if you did find yourself watching it on TV one night and your remote is lost/too far away, you may find it fun in a so bad its good way.

Rating 2/5 – an amusing but failed attempt to cash in on the current YA trend



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6 responses to “Vampire Academy (2014)

  1. So glad you included the puns ha. I wonder if there will be other Young Adult films. What is your favourite vampire film?

  2. V

    Yeah, wasn’t mad about this one myself, Lauren. It just goes to show I guess that (thankfully) not ALL YA franchises are successful. Having said that too, I don’t think The Mortal Instruments was up to much in the box office either. Small mercies. 😀

    • The Mortal Instruments was awful. I quite liked the books but I was so bored watching the movie.

      • V

        I was the same. The books were enjoyable, easy enough to read to pass some time (although they seriously declined in quality IMO after the first three), but the movie was a mess. Another shame, because most of the “adult” cast were experienced talent that I actually rate quite highly!

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