The Woman In Black: Angel of Death

Some ghosts just won’t rest will they-even with a war going on! Two years after The Woman In Black stormed the box office Hammer films is back with the sequel. But with no Daniel Radcliffe to bring the Potter fans in will this result in another dud horror sequel?

In the midst of World War Two, young children are being evacuated from London with their schoolteachers to Eel Marsh House, in the now-deserted town of Crythin Gifford. Young schoolteacher Eve (Phoebe Fox) starts to notice strange things about the house and sees a mysterious figure around the grounds. Could it be the work of the woman in black? (spoiler alert-yes)

Years ago I saw the theatre show of The Woman in Black and it scared the crap out of me (as well as gave me an irrational fear of rocking chairs), and I enjoyed the 2012 movie at lot. Sequels-especially horror sequels are normally a let down. Still The Woman In Black: Angel of Death at least give us a good reason why the protagonists have gone to Eel Marsh House. With the Second World War going on, the evacuees don’t really have their pick of places to go.

It’s not an exceptional sequel and the pace is a bit slow in places. Especially as the audience already know the secrets of Eel Marsh House and the ominous woman in black, so it’s a bit frustrating watching the characters trying to work out what is going on. Perspective love interest Harry (Jeremy Irvine) is also a little on the dull side with a not very interesting back story (although at least it does set some things up for the movie’s climax). But Eve makes for a sympathetic protagonist and Oaklee Pendergast is adorable as Edward, the young boy the woman in black wants in her clutches.

The film mainly works on effective scare jumps and glimpses of the woman in black. Luckily for a sequel the film doesn’t overuse her and rarely do we see her in close up. Horror movies like this tend to work best when the villain is not thrown in the audiences faces all the time-overuse is not scary.

Rating 3/5 – serviceable horror best enjoyed with a group of friends who enjoy a few jumps and scares



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5 responses to “The Woman In Black: Angel of Death

  1. Hi Lauren! Hope you’re doing well and had a good transition into 2015, sorry I didn’t comment on your Birdman review, but I really want to avoid any reviews until I’ve seen it myself (that being said, considering that my town’s cinema isn’t screening it, I may miss it).

    Anyways, cool review. You’re the first person to give this film a semi decent review. Most reviews I’ve read are nothing but negative. I never saw the original because I had no interest, plus me and horror films don’t gel too well. From reading your review it seems like there are some redeeming factors to this film, but just not that much.

    • Hi I’m doing great thanks. Sad the holidays are over though. I don’t blame you wanting to miss the reviews on Birdman, its probably best to watch the film first. It’s really good.
      I’m not surprised that The Woman in Black sequel hasn’t had excellent reviews. It isn’t amazing but I thought for a sequel it wasn’t too bad, and the performances were good.

  2. Nice review πŸ™‚

    I’d definitely watch this but could probably wait for DVD.

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