The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

And now the end is near…finally! One children’s book has been spread out across three films and now the last installment is here. Can Jackson prove his critics wrong (i.e me) and show us that splitting the The Hobbit into three films was worth it?

After Smaug cause chaos and destruction over the Laketown, the aftermath has potential to cause just as much carnage. With the Dwarfs held up in the Lonely Mountain and keeping all the gold for themselves they find themselves up against armies determined to have their share of the gold. But with Thorin going mad from the gold can he come to his senses in time to stop all out war?

When The Lord of The Rings Trilogy came to an end in 2003 I was excited and sad to see the franchise come to an end. With The Hobbit it’s more a sense of relief that it’s finally over. That’s not to say this last installment is bad or that the trilogy as a whole has been bad. It’s just that, as with the other two movies, there is a lot of filler and padding in this film that feels like it’s there for no reason. When it’s released on DVD I would like to see-rather than the deleted scenes we normally get-an edit of all three movies into one lean movie, cutting out the hours of filler and make it the one movie it should have been in the first place.

As ever the cast gamely give their all. Martin Freeman often feels like he’s being sidelined in a movie where he’s the title character but he’s still as effective as ever as Bilbo. Richard Armitage seems to be enjoying going full on gold mad as Thorin. While not essential its nicely nostalgic to see Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett and Christopher Lee reprise their roles again, and it will be sad to see the last of Ian McKellen as the always excellent Gandalf. While I don’t always buy the relationship with Turiel (Evangeline Lily) and Kili (Aidan Turner)- considering they are declaring their love after spending about a day in total together-they at least bring some emotion to the proceedings, Lily in particular promoting her anguish well.

Rating 3/5 – a good if not particularly outstanding farewell to Middle Earth

P.S Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a lovely holiday!


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8 responses to “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

  1. The trilogy is finally over. Although, to say the least, I was fine with it. Good review Lauren.

  2. Evening Lauren, great review yo. I was surprised to see how brief it was but it pretty much covers all details. I would agree with you on most of your points, after the second film last year I was starting to feel fatigue for the world of Middle-Earth and while I love diving into to the LOTR trilogy every once in a while, this new trilogy has not had the same kind of impact. I did enjoy this new film whenever Bilbo, Thorin or Gandalf was involved. however I feel like the pacing was slow and there was a lot of story I didn’t care about when it came to the people of Laketown or the elves.

    • Thanks. Considering how long the film was I didn’t have as much to say about it as I thought I would. I think I have a bit of Middle Earth fatigue too! There were too many storylines going on and not enough people to care about. Still like you say Bilbo, Thorin and Gandalf were excellent.

  3. Good review, Lauren… My experience unfortunately turned out to be far too frustrating, despite my low expectations šŸ˜

    • Thanks, most of the time during The Hobbit trilogy I was just thinking about how much I want to re-watch The Lord of the Rings movies-which probably wasn’t a good thing. šŸ™‚

  4. It’s really a tough movie to review because it is inseparable from the previous film. It almost feels like an appendage. I did like it quite a bit but only for what it was. As a stand alone movie…I’m not so sure.

    • Yeah I can’t imagine sitting down to watch only this film, you’d have to watch the whole trilogy in one go. Then watch The Lord of The Rings straight after.

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