I’ve long been a fan of Christopher Nolan’s work and this film has been hyped up for months with teasers and trailers mixed with Nolan’s notorious secrecy. But does the end result match the expectations?

In the future Earth is slowly dying and humanity’s only chance for survival is to travel through in space through a black hole to find a new home. When Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) a Former NASA pilot, is offered the chance to go on this incredible journey his has to leave his kids behind, despite his daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy) insistence that he stays. Will Cooper be able to find the inhabitants of Earth a new home, and how long will the journey take?

When you’ve been anticipating a film for so long sometimes the finished work ends up being a disappointment. I don’t hate the film. It’s an accomplished movie but with many flaws. It’s a slow build up but the set-up is interesting, a world which is slowly suffocating its inhabitants, where schools change the history books in order to keep their children grounded as farmers rather than look to the skies. Here the world looks familiar but its on its last legs. Going into space is the only hope. As expected  Interstellar looks amazing. The cinematography looks great and probably would look even better in IMAX.

The story really kicks off when Cooper and the crew, which includes Anne Hathaway’s sullen Brand, goes into space. But its a problem when I end up liking the robots on the space craft more than most of the human characters. I know that Cooper’s relationship with his daughter is meant to be the heart fo the movie (and she’s obviously his favourite child-I felt sorry for his son Tom who barely gets a look in), but the majority of time the relationship felt forced and manipulative rather than a natural pull at the heartstrings. The film constantly falls into sentimentality throughout and can become quite dull at times (something I rarely say about Nolan’s work). It was more interesting watching the crew’s journey in the black hole and beyond.

The film is overloaded with science-babble, some of which (ok most of it) I struggled to understand. And as the film went into the last act it tries to link all its ideas together in a everything-happens-for-a-reason explanation, which only results in a lot of eye rolling from me. It didn’t help that it became even more cheesy by the end.

Cutting down the running time and sentimentality would have made a better movie, but you can’t help but admire Nolan’s ambition. A director whose not afraid to take risks means not everything will hit the mark but the world would be a less inventive place without him.

Rating 3/5 – visually spectacular but not as emotionally involving or as exciting as it wishes to be



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12 responses to “Interstellar

  1. Interstellar was one of my most anticipated movies of the year. I wasn’t disappointed with the movie yet I can’t say that I loved it either. It may still make my top ten of year, we’ll see. Good review!

  2. I enjoyed the movie quite a lot, but completely get what you’re saying. The writing isn’t great, when the movie itself looks beautiful, but some of it was fairly intense and on the whole I came out liking it. Seems to be dividing everyone though!

    • I think when a film has been hyped for so long its bound to get a bit of a backlash. I can see why people enjoy it, it has a lot of good points but the flaws just annoyed me too much to like it more.

  3. For a change, I wasn’t expecting much from Interstellar after the disaster that was The Dark Knight Rises …and maybe that low expectations did the trick for I came out smiling in the end.

    Not Nolan’s finest effort but definitely a bold one that I truly admire. And I’m so in love with Hans Zimmer’s score for this film! It’s just WOW!!!

    A very fine review, Lauren… I understand it not going well for many but I’m glad that I’m not part of it 😛

    • I think maybe because my expectations were so high-and I had seen so many trailers -that it couldn’t live up to the film I had imagined it would be. I need to lower my expectations next time!

      I agree it did have a good score, and theres lots to admire in the movie. Nolan is a great director and its good to see a big budget sci-fi movie that has lots of interesting ideas do so well. Unfortunately it didn’t come together well enough for me, but I still admire Nolan and his work. At least he tries to bring us something different.

      • I actually wasn’t very impressed with its trailers like I mentioned in my review… but it still fared much better than what I expected. And like you said, one doesn’t get to see such high conceptual ideas in a big-budget blockbuster material so in a way, stories like these deserve an applause for at least trying to bring something different even if it doesn’t work out in the end. It’s no 2001: A Space Odyssey but then, no other movie has ever come close to matching that feat & no other movie probably will.

      • I just hope the next film Nolan does is better. Hopefully this is just a blip and the next one will be a classic.

  4. Nothing like getting all geared up for one movie only to find yourself left in bewilderment, and oh, those flaws…
    I so REALLY wanted to enjoy it!

  5. Cool review Lauren, I think we have similar thoughts on this film and even though I think I liked the film more so than you, I do feel like all the problems you highlighted are all valid. The film is too long, the initial stet-up, like you said is interesting, but takes too long to get going. The best parts of the film take place in space, when relativity, spectacle and danger takes place. The film can be thrilling, scary and quite tense at times and that’s when it kicks ass. The the over-selling of the ‘love’ element was a bit annoying and that final act, fuck me, I just don’t think I can even go back to watch it again.

    • Thanks. You’re right the best parts were in space and the scenes on the other planets were great. Its all the family stuff that got on my nerves a bit. Maybe I would enjoy it better a second time around, but like you I don’t know if I could watch it again.

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