Grabbers (2012)

I like a good old monster movie every now and again. This British-Irish movie from 2012 also comes with heaps of comedy. But will this be a successful mix?

Ciarán O’Shea (Richard Coyle) is an alcoholic policeman living in a remote Irish island, and he’s not pleased with having to deal with a new workaholic temporary partner Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley). They are soon distracted from the normal, peaceful island life when they realise that monsters from the sea are attacking people on the island. Their only defence is that the alcohol is poisonous to the monsters-nicknamed Grabbers. The only solution-to get the whole island drunk while they wait for help from the mainland.

It’s a funny concept which luckily translates into a funny movie. It also manages to be more than a one joke film. It knows not to take itself too seriously and concentrate on the comedy and the partnership of O’Shea and Nolan. Their odd couple pairing works well and they also make for very funny drunks. They are supported by a great cast which includes Russell Tovey (Being Human). There is lots of humour to be had from the idea that a monster is attacking a small Irish island, compared to the usual American big cities. The monster is also effectively creepy and the special effects are good for a film with a small budget.

However for a monster movie, it isn’t that scary, putting more focusing on the humour. Although its obvious from the beginning this will concentrate more on that side, it may disappoint those expecting some scares along with the comedy. Some may also feels the film has too many Irish stereotypes, although I felt the film was in on the joke and purposely plays up to those expectations.

Rating 3.5/5 – more laughs than scares, and purposely silly but thoroughly enjoyable



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8 responses to “Grabbers (2012)

  1. theipc

    HA HA!! I Love this movie!!

  2. I liked this one, I remember it being good fun.

  3. Sounds very bizarre, but in a way that’s worth watching. Cool review yo 🙂

  4. Very good review!

    I had been looking forward to seeing the film since I had first read about it. I was happy when I finally had the opportunity to do so on Netflix. As you pointed out, it’s nothing to be taken seriously, it’s just a movie to sit back and enjoy. Additionally, as you stated, there is a good deal of comedy mixed into the film, which, in my opinion, added to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

    I found myself thinking, that for a monster movie, it was a pretty clever idea, and as far as I can recall, an original one that was thought up, as to how to defeat the monster.

    As you stated, it’s not a scary movie at all, but I would hope most people
    interested in watching the film would know that going into it. I like the fact that the location of the film was a small island in Ireland, as opposed to a major metropolitan city. I think a change of locale to a major city would have diminished the overall effectiveness of the film.

    • Glad you liked the film too! You’re right having it set in a small island in Ireland rather than a big city is a great idea for a monster movie. The cast is very good, and they make for excellent drunks!

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