Gone Girl

A couple of years back it seemed like everyone was reading Gillian Flynn’s thriller Gone Girl. Now adapting her own book for the screenplay, Flynn has teamed up with director David Fincher to bring her novel to the big screen. But can it create even a fraction of the buzz that the novel produced?

To the outside world it would seem like Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) are the perfect married couple. But when Amy disappears on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, all eyes turn to Nick as the Dunne’s lives are picked upon by the media and the police. Flashbacks show that the Dunne’s had their troubles but did Nick really kill his wife?

With a film that’s themes include the lies and masks people wear in marriage, media intrusion and deception, Gone Girl won’t be anyone’s idea of a feel-good movie. It is not exactly an enjoyable experience. Which I imagine is exactly what Fincher and Flynn wanted to achieve. The film is meant to make you take an uncomforatble look at a marriage that leaves you examining the relationships in your own life. Perhaps not the best film for newly weds or for a first date (although if you’re single this film will probably make you feel quite smug).

Its one of those movies which is hard to describe in too much detail with out giving away certain plot points for the few that haven’t read Flynn’s novel. But what I can say is that Affleck and Pike are perfectly cast in the novel. Affleck’s own media scrutiny over the years make him a smart choice for Nick, you can see Affleck’s contempt for the media’s tactics shining through his performance. It’s also great to see Pike in a leading role rather than the many supporting roles she’s been into over the years. Hopefully this will continue to see her being given more challenging and interesting roles in the future.

Like most of Fincher’s work you won’t necessarily be feeling good after your experience with the Dunne’s but it will definitely give you plenty to think about and discuss with others.

Rating 4/5 – dark, uncomfortable but never dull, basically essential Fincher



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4 responses to “Gone Girl

  1. Crazy, but man, it was a fun time. Good review Lauren.

  2. Great review, I think you and I are on the same page on this one. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found it hard to talk about the film without revealing key elements about the story, but also how the film made you feel uncomfortable due to the nature of what was happening between Nick and Amy. But bloody hell, Amy, my god, I don’t want to say anymore than that in case people are avoiding spoilers in the comments, but wow, good for Rosamund Pike.

    • Yeah I was try to describe the film to someone who hadn’t read the book or seen the film and it was difficult to explain why it was good without revealing major spoilers. Rosamund Pike is amazing-so good as Amy. Good to see her doing something really different from her other, more lighter roles.

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