Odd Thomas (2013)

Novelist Dean Koontz has had many of his books adapted for the screen.  Now his popular book series featuring his character Odd Thomas gets the movie treatment. But does it equal a successful movie?

Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) is a cook with the power to be able to see the dead. He uses these powers to help murderers go to jail. When a stranger comes to town surrounded by invisible creatures (except to Odd) called bodachs who feed on evil, Odd fears that there will be a massacre only he can prevent.

I’ve never read Koontz Odd Thomas series but I may have to start if they are as good as this. A horror comedy with a bit of romance sounds like a recipe for disaster but Odd Thomas is a great little film. Yelchin – best known as Chekov in the Star Trek reboot-is likeable as the title character. Thomas may be a bit strange, but he’s also funny, adorable and has a touching relationship with his feisty childhood sweetheart Stormy (Addison Timlin). Theres also great support from William Defoe as the local sheriff who is one of the few people privy to Thomas’ special gifts. The special effects are also surprisingly well done with the bodachs looking appropriately creepy.

Some viewers may not enjoy the tone of the movie and find the mix of horror and comedy a bad fix, or that the plot and characters are a bit too quirky. But personally I liked Odd Thomas. It’s a shame that lawsuits and delays prevented this form getting a proper theatrical release meaning any sequels will be unlikely. Still it may well leed to viewers having a look at Koontz’s novels instead.

Rating 4/5 – fun, jumpy and a great central performance from Yelchin


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2 responses to “Odd Thomas (2013)

  1. Great post. I keep meaning to write this one up, but haven’t yet. I really enjoyed this one and didn’t realise it was based on a book until afterwards. I’ll definitely try to read the books now.

    Did you see Charlie Bartlett? Not such a good film but Yelchin was great. He’s one to watch.

    • Thanks. I need to try and read the books now as well.

      I haven’t seen Charlie Bartlett but I think its on my netflix so maybe I should try and watch it sometime.

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