The Inbetweeners 2

It was a risk to take a popular and critically acclaimed British comedy series and turn it into one movie, never mind two. But following the success of The Inbetweeners Movie comes this sequel which is meant to be the final outing for our less than fantastic four. But should the creators turned directors Damon Beesley and Iain Morris have quit while they were ahead?

Since the last film the boys have gone their different ways. Will (Simon Bird) is as unpopular as ever at Uni, Simon (Joe Thomas) changed Uni to be closer to his girlfriend Lucy (Tamla Kari) but now wants to dump her, hapless Neil (Blake Harrison) is working in a bank and Jay (James Buckley) is living in Australia with his uncle. After hearing Jay’s endless boasts about his time in Australia the friends decide to visit him down under. Except maybe Jay hasn’t been too honest about his extravagant lifestyle.

I don’t know how much of the humour translates outside of the UK. A US version of the tv show tanked in the US which isn’t surprising because The Inbetweeners always felt like a throughly British show. Rather than giving us the glitzy, glamorous feel of American teen shows , The Inbetweeners perfectly captured the awkward and pathetically dull parts of teenage life.

And while it has to be said that this sequel  isn’t as consistently funny as the first movie,it still manages to provide plenty of laughs. When the guys end up stranded in the outback it ends up being one of the funniest set-pieces The Inbetweeners have ever done. The other stand out moment is Will’s cringe-worthy rendition of The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face to his old school friend Katie (Emily Berrington). I’ll never be able to hear this song in the same way again.

The actors are all excellent in their roles, having played them for so long and still look believable as teenagers even though some of them are nearing 30 in real life. It’s hard to pick a favourite out of the guys although I do have a soft spot for the foul-mouthed Jay.

While the Inbetweeners are the same loveable -if slightly disgusting-characters as they were in the tv series and the first film its a shame that their love interests have taken a bit of a downward turn. The love interests from the first movie have either been eradicated (Alison and Lisa), marginalised (Jane) or made bat-shit crazy like poor Lucy-although Kari is funny as a possessive jealous girlfriend. The main female for the second movie Katie is just portrayed as a hippy, tease which is a bit disapointing.

There was also a sequence at a water park which made me want to vomit rather than laugh, although it must be said everyone else in the cinema was amused. Perhaps it was just too much toilet humour for me.

The reality is if you’re a fan of The Inbetweeners and you loved the previous outings you will probably find this hilarious. It may not provide anything earth-shatteringly new but it’s reliably funny and ends the series while still on a high.

Rating 3.5/5 – it may be the last of the Inbetweeners but they definately won’t go out with a whimper




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4 responses to “The Inbetweeners 2

  1. I really liked the show but i’m not sure i could handle a whole film of it. Seems like it would be tiring!

  2. Cool review Lauren, I personally liked the film a lot. I hear one of two things about this film either 1) it’s way better than the first or 2) this one wasn’t as funny as the first because it’s more film-like than the first in terms of production and scale. I really liked the humour in this film, Will and his weird faces and Jay and his foul-mouthed humour, all of it together made for some incredible moments. I do agree that some of the moments in the film was incredibly cringe-worthy and I was scrunched up in my seat trying to process what the hell I was watching. And I think you know the sequence I am referring to, it was dodgy and scary as hell, never would I want to be in that position, but man it was funny, I felt so bad for the people at the water park though.

    • I found the water park moment really hard to watch. I just wanted to vomit. But otherwise the film was really good. The characters are just so funny. But I hope this is the last one so that they end on a high.

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