Should Wesley Snipes star in Blade 4?

With The Expendables 3 coming out soon Wesley Snipes has been back in the spotlight, having been away from the big screens the past couple of years due to a spell in prison for tax evasion. With The Expendables 3 being Snipes’ comeback movie, the big question superhero fans want to know is will this led to staring in a possible Blade 4?

The Blade film series stalled somewhat after the disastrous Blade Trinity (although it is a guilty pleasure of mine cause it has the lovely Ryan Reynolds in it) which sidelined Blade for practically the whole of the movie. The movie rights reverted back to Marvel Studios in 2011 and there was supposedly a script in preparation in 2013. With Marvel movies storming the box office at the moment could they be prepared to make their own definitive version of Blade? And if so would they bring back Wesley Snipes for the lead role?

I could see the advantages to having a new lead for Blade. Hiring someone younger means they would have potential for several movie deals in their contract. They could hire someone without the negative publicity Snipes has had in recent years. Marvel has also been pretty spot on with their casting for their other franchises so I’d have faith that they would find someone suitable for the role.

But I think it would be a shame for Snipes to step down from the role. For me Blade is synonymous with Wesley Snipes. I know there’s some concern with his age (he’s 52) but I’d really like his version of Blade to end on a high. Maybe he could do one last film before passing the baton onto a newer Blade?

But what do I know. Tell me what you think. Should Wesley Snipes come back to play Blade or should he make way for a newer actor? Better yet tell me in the comments below who should play Blade if you do want it recast.


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4 responses to “Should Wesley Snipes star in Blade 4?

  1. Good question! I enjoyed Snipes as Blade but I’d be interested in a fresh take on the character. As you said, I think Marvel would want to do their own version and I’d more excited for that. 🙂

  2. Howdy Lauren great question, one I have asked myself on a few occasions. Like you I believe that Snipes is Blade, at least in a film format. I knew the films before the comics and as interesting as the comics are, I’ve always liked the charisma and style that Snipes brought to the role even in the poor Blade Trinity. That being said times are different and Snipes is older. I know age doesn’t necessarily mean much to some actors in action films, but he’s been gone for so long and we’ve yet to see if he’s still as active as he was before.

    I think Blade would have to be played by another actor especially since the property is owned by Marvel Studios and there would need to be a new face purely to avoid confusion between the old films and the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also someone young could lead add something interesting to the character and possibly give us a new take on an established character.

    My only worry is that Blade is still 5-10 years away considering the current plans of the MCU. You have the sequels for Captain America, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, eventually Avengers 3, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange too. That’s six films already. And Marvel Studios still have 2 or 3 unannounced films and loads of people are still expecting a Black Panther, Ms. Marvel and Black Widow solo film among others. Then you have to consider the tone of the MCU and whether Blade would fit into it, the first two films were super violent and you know that wouldn’t flow with the films we’re getting these days. Sorry about being a downer, but these are the facts that one has to consider when looking ahead in comic book films lol.

    P.S. Sorry for the extended comment. XD

    • I think Marvel will probably end up with a new Blade-if their version ever goes ahead. Although its a shame if Snipes is not involved I hope Marvel does go ahead and make the film as I like the character and it would be really good to see Marvel’s own take on the franchise. Still like you said with so many films that Marvel has planned who knows how long it could take for any new Blade film to see the light of day.

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