Happy 2nd Blogiversary To Me!

Two years ago today I started this blog! I know it’s difficult to imagine a world where you weren’t being forced my opinions and reviews on the latest movies-those were dark days indeed! 

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read, like,  comment and follow this blog. With so many excellent blogs around (look at the Blogs I Follow section for a list of just some of the many excellent blogs I enjoy reading)  it’s nice to know that someone out there is reading mine, and I’ve had some lovely conversations with people on this blog.

So go have a piece of cake, a drink or whatever your vice is and celebrate another year of mykindofmovie.

Cheers everyone! 🙂


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22 responses to “Happy 2nd Blogiversary To Me!

  1. Congratulations on the milestone! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  2. Congrats. Always a fun milestone 😀

  3. Congrats yo, your reviews are always great to read and you seem like a kick ass person. Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to swing by and comment on your material when possible 😀

    • Thank you so much! And please keep the comments coming cause I enjoy reading what you have to think of my reviews (hopefully we”ll mostly agree!)

  4. theipc


    I’ll have one or nine beers for you tonight 🙂

  5. Congrats on this, here’s to many more successful years for this blog.

  6. Big congrats Lauren. Am such a fan of your blog 🙂

  7. Happy blogiversary indeed! Enjoy, Lauren!

  8. Congratulations!! You have a very cool blog. Keep up the great work!

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