Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit

Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck have all had a turn playing CIA analyst Jack Ryan, with varying results. Now Captain Kirk himself Chris Pine steps up to be the hero of Tom Clancy popular book series. But will he be the definitive Jack Ryan?

Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) is recruited into the CIA with a cover working on Wall Street. when he notices some suspicious transactions by Viktor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh) he must go to Moscow to prove his suspicions.

I really like Chris Pine. He has charisma, good looks and is a great Kirk in the Star Trek reboot. However he makes for a bland Ryan. In fact everything about this movie is bland from the script, acting and direction. It’s a shame because everyone here could do better.

Pine seems stifled in a generic action role that doesn’t showcase any of his personality. Keira Knightly is stuck in the nagging girlfriend/damsel in distress role that is really irritating. Presumably Kevin Costner had some bills to pay which is why he’s playing such a thankless mentor role. It was also a mistake for director Kenneth Branagh to put himself in the role of the main villain sporting a dodgy Russian accent. It’s disappointing seeing him here as everyone knows Branagh can act and direct so much better than this.

For a film that’s trying to update its hero to the modern time Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit feels old fashioned-but not in a good way. Nothing feels particularly new or exciting is brought in to freshen up the movie. This feels like it could be any bog standard action/thriller rather than a Jack Ryan movie. It’s telling that this movie is not based on one of Tom Clancy’s novel but an original plot.

I watched this film with my mum and my twin sister Daisy, and after watching it my mum demanded that her thoughts be mentioned in my review. So here are my family’s thoughts on the film:

Mum “Absolute rubbish, I think it was terrible. Nothing like a Tom Clancy novel. I blame you two for making me watch it.”

Daisy “I just thought it was boring.”

I won’t even mention my mum’s view on Keira Knightly. Safe to say she was not a fan before this film so this only compounded this opinion more so.

So unless you really fancy Chris Pine and are prepared to sit through any rubbish to see him, I suggest you give this movie a wide berth.

Rating 1/5 – not even bad in a so-bad-it’s-good kind of way, just a terribly bad film all round


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12 responses to “Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit

  1. theipc

    This thing sucked!!

  2. When I was watching this movie, I couldn’t help but think I have seen this all before. It was a very generic film. I didn’t think Branagh did too bad as the villain but nothing else worked for me.

  3. Good review Lauren. Even though it felt like so many other action-thrillers, it was still a nice enough time that I wouldn’t mind seeing this as a franchise in the near-future.

  4. Real shame about Chris Pine. he normally chooses better roles.

    • I guess on paper it looked like a good move. Based on a popular novel and movie franchise, Kenneth Branagh directing…Yet somehow it doesn’t come together.

  5. Pretty accurate review yo. I wanted to like this film so much especially because of the inclusion of Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh, but like you said this film does nothing to highlight their talent as actors, even Costner isn’t bothered about his role. I was just disappointed by how plain the film was overall, that and the fact that Keira Knightley is completely unlikeable and pouts all of the bloody time and makes odd faces. 😦

    • Thanks I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this film is a mess. Its a shame because of the talent involved. My mum kept saying the same things as you about Keira Knightley the whole way through the film. 🙂

  6. I don’t get out to the movie theater too often, so I haven’t seen this one yet. It’s too bad they dropped the ball on this one. They could have rejuvenated this franchise like Star Trek, Planet of the Apes. and (hopefully) Star Wars.
    There were all very talented people involved with this one. If they couldn’t make it work, things don’t sound very promising for Jack Ryan.

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