22 Jump Street

Rewind back to 2012 before 21 Jump Street was released. It was the hit no one was expecting. After all it was based on a tv series with a ridiculous premise. It had that guy-Jonah Hill- from Superbad, before he was Oscar nominated and although everyone knew Channing Tatum was hot, and those of us who saw A Guide to Recognising Your Saints knew he could act, no one knew if he was funny. But then it was released, became a huge hit and most of all it was hilarious. But now that expectations are higher can the crew at Jump Street strike gold for a second time?

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are undercover again, this time as college students looking for the dealer of a new drug WHYPHY. But they struggle dealing with their new college lifestyle and maintaining their friendship at the same time. Will they get the dealers and still be friends?

As you can imagine no one in this film is taking themselves too seriously but they do take being funny as serious business, so cue lots of jokes about how ridiculous it is that there’s a sequel to this movie and how “second missions” are never as good the second time around. They are only bigger and more expensive than the first. Although they playfully acknowledge how similar everything is to the first movie the jokes are not a repeat of the first film.

Happily Tatum and Hill make for a great “power couple” once again. Hilariously facing relationship troubles due to Tatum’s new bromance with fellow jock Zook (Wyatt Russell-son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn), cue a very jealous Schmidt. It’s also great to have Ice Cube as Captain Dickinson  back again with a brand new flash office across the road at 22 Jump Street, who also hammers it home how expensive everything is for the “second mission”. Theres also great cameos from Dave Franco and Rob Riggle from the first film.

The only thing that perhaps is missing from this film is the surprise element that the original had. No one was expecting it to be any good which made the laughs even more hilarious. While the jokes are still funny in this one I don’t think they come at quite a ferocious pace as the previous installment. However considering the state of most sequels now a days the fact that this one manages to be good in its own right is enough of an achievement.

Stay for the end credits to get some ideas on what future installments of Jump Street could look like. Is it wrong that I would actually want to see a lot of them?

Rating 4/5 – a great comedy with a brilliant double act in Hill and Tatum


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10 responses to “22 Jump Street

  1. Not better than the first, but still pretty damn close. Good review Lauren.

  2. I was really surprised by how good the first one was. Glad the second one hasn’t had a ‘hangover’ 😉

    • God the Hangover 2 movie was awful-it practically did everything that 22 Jump Street was making fun of-sequels that just repeate what the original did.

  3. I don’t get how you can take a police procedural about teens investigating schools and make it into a comedy with 30 or 40 year olds. I don’t get it. But I think you’re right, Jonah Hill is hilarious. He deserves his own comedy franchise.

    • I don’t know that much about the original tv series but weren’t they in their 20s and just looked youthful enough to pass for teens? All I really knew about the show was Johnny Depp was in it! Jonah Hill is very talented, especially as he writes as well.

  4. The film is hilarious. Tatum and Hill work so well together and to be honest my favourites scene where with them and Ice Cube.

    Great Review

    “We Jump Street, and we ’bout to jump in yo ass. Jenko: Mmmm-hmmm. Schmidt: Right in the crack.”

  5. Great review Lauren, pretty much spot on assessment of this film. While you’re right in the fact that this film is missing that ‘surprise’ element that the first film had at the same time I this film had a hell of a lot of laughs. The humour was on fire and it was hella funny to see both Jonah and Channing back being even more ridiculous than before. I also LOVED Ice Cube, he was amazing. This is easily one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a while.

    • Thanks. I was relieved that this film was so funny as comedy sequels or just sequels in general are normally poor. Ice Cube had so many good lines, I was happy he was back for the sequel.

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