Love Crime (2010)

Who would want to work for a high-powered corporation hey? Especially if they are filled with people like the ones who appear in this suspenseful thriller.

Isabelle (Sagnier) is an assistant at a multinational corporation who works directly for Christine (Scott Thomas) a manipulative business executive. Christine regularly takes advantage of Isabelle’s hard work while also exploits the fact that the younger woman has a crush on her. When she pushes Isabelle too far, Christine may end up paying a terrible price for her behaviour.

This is one of those films where the performances really help sell the film’s premise. The acting of the two leads is flawless with Kristen Scott Thomas terrific as the ruthlessly ambitious Christine, while Ludivine Sagnier effortlessly manages to portray the different sides to her character at some points sympathetic while at others just as manipulative as her rival. This film could easily have stumbled into a melodramatic mess but the performances help ground the film and make the characters feel real rather than stereotypes.

The problem with this film is that  it’s easily to tell earlier on where this film is heading. However the real mystery is how exactly Isabelle’s plan is going to work which helps keeps the audience’s attention. It’s also gets a bit boring seeing films where women who are lesbian or bisexual end up acting like the woman scorned going mad with passion and revenge. However at least the performances mean it doesn’t seem quite as tacky as it sounds.

Rating 3/5 – compelling performances from its two female leads keeps you glued to this suspenseful drama


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2 responses to “Love Crime (2010)

  1. I hate how so many films make out that lesbians are crazy! Its such a silly thing to do

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