Edge of Tomorrow

Tom’s Cruise latest sci-fi movie was originally known as All You Need Is Kill (based on the book of the same name), before the title was then changed to the uninspiring Edge of Tomorrow. After a so-so trailer where only co-star Emily Blunt seemed to be of any interest, I was sure this film would be as generic as the title. Still with a spare Sunday afternoon to myself I wondered into my local cinema to see if it can impress me. But will this movie inspire repeat viewings?

Set in the near future where mankind is battling aliens nicknamed Mimics, William Cage(Tom Cruise) is a smarmy PR guy who is suddenly thrown unwillingly into the front line. When he dies on the battlefield he somehow finds himself repeating the same day all over again. The day always end with him dying and the process starting over and over again. The only person who believes him is war hero Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), together they try to help Cage survive the day and win the war.

You can imagine the film pitch for this film, Groundhog Day meets Aliens with the first half hour of Saving Private Ryan. But really this film should be called A Million Ways to Kill Tom Cruise. Director Doug Liman has already said that this film should appeal to those who both love and hate Tom Cruise. If you love him, he’s in it, and if you don’t he dies, over and over and over again.

But Cruise is great in this film. At the beginning Cage is a cowardly, sleazy guy who goes on a journey that turns him into a brave man with a conscience. Even better is Blunt as Rita, whose been given the nickname of Full Metal Bitch by her fellow soldiers. Blunt clearly relishes playing such a bad-ass whose short temper and frustration also reveal a brave and intelligent person underneath. Rita’s training of Cage provides the film with plenty of darkly comic moments as she brutally trains Cage to make him a better fighter. Her character is the true hero of this film as she makes Cage who he is. Of the supporting cast Bill Paxton is hilarious as the drill Sargent who greets Cage at the start of every single day.

The battle scene on the beach is well-directed and feels thrilling in IMAX 3d. As we return to the same battle repeatedly it doesn’t get tiring or boring as the film approaches the battle in different ways. In fact that goes for most of this film. Despite its premise the film does not get repetitive as Cage’s day continues to start over. Screenwriters Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth deserve praise for making each do-over interesting and full of black comedy. The aliens-Mimics-are also a great creation, with their multiple legs and the quick scattering way they move, they certainly scared me a couple of times.

It’s just a shame that the film does not have the best of endings. It all seems like its leading to a more riskier climax but then the movie decides to play it safe. While it doesn’t undo all the good work that’s gone before, it just seems like a missed opportunity. However this proves to be an unexpected but welcoming addition to this year’s summer blockbusters.

But I still think All You Need Is Kill was a better title though.

Rating 4/5- a surprising and exciting sci-fi action movie


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23 responses to “Edge of Tomorrow

  1. That does sound a far better title. Ever thought the same thing with other films?

    • Probably but I can’t remember! Would be a good idea for a future blog post though. I do remember a lame Eva Longoria film called Over Her Dead Body which was originally called Ghost Bitch-which I thought was funnier. But I still wouldn’t watch it anyway!

  2. Hey Lauren, great review. As you know, I really liked this too. And Blunt was excellent!

    • Thanks, glad we’re on the same wavelength with this film. Blunt is so good in this, never though of her in an action role before, although she was in the running for Black Widow at one point but turned it down due to her committment to do Gulliver’s Travels (of all things!). So maybe this is what her version would have been like.

  3. Interesting! I was planning to give this one a miss because of the trailer. Maybe should try it? It did look awfully violent though.

    • Its is a bit violent, but it’s only rated a 12A so it’s not too bad, lot of ‘bloodless’ killings. It’s a much better film than it looks in the trailers.

  4. ‘A Million Ways to Kill Tom Cruise’ lol. The trailers did nothing for me either but I’m pleasantly surprised at how well received this movie is. Great review!

  5. Great review Lauren, I feel like we’re on the same page with this film. I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one turned off by the trailers and ended up really liking the film. Edge of Tomorrow was smart, action-packed and funny as well, all things I was not expecting from this film.

    I think the best thing about it was the fact that Tom Cruise wasn’t ‘Mr. Invincible’, that his character was flawed, kind of unlikeable and inexperienced and then learnt to get better and became awesome towards the end of the film. Emily Blunt was SO good in this film, she was goregoues, badass and very commanding, seein her here really makes me wonder what she would have been like as Black Widow if she had taken the part all those years ago, I think she would have done the role justice. Oh andl ike you I also love Bill Paxton, such an awesome guy!

    • Yeah-glad we’re back on the smae page again. I think a lot of people have been surprised by how good this film was considering the trailers were a bit blah.
      It was good to see Tom Cruise in a more vunerable role,and great to see Blunt as a bad-ass, it’s a shame to think what she could have been as Black Widow. Here’s hope she does another action film soon.

  6. Tom

    Great review Lauren! I felt the same way, except for the ending. The ending worked for me, I’m not sure what about it that’s throwing people off.

    • Thanks. I’m afraid I found the ending a bit underwhemling compared to what had gone before it. But it doesn’t take away from a great film.

      • Tom

        Definitely. And you know, the more I sit and think on it, the weaker the last 30-ish minutes do seem to me now. At the time, I was all about it. But it could have ended better.

      • Hope I haven’t put you off too much! I think because I enjoyed the film so much more than I thought I would, I think I was then expecting a more original, riskier ending. Instead it was a bit ordinary.

      • Tom

        Oh, completely. No you haven’t changed my views on it for the worse, not at all. 🙂 The immediate aftermath of the film I was so giddy. I think I just remembered the best parts of the film (def the first half) and took that with me out of the theater.

  7. very good review, many thanks enjoyed it

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  9. I was shocked at how much I liked this film. Just did my review but the more I think about the film the more I think I like it. Love a pleasant surprise at the cinema 😀

    Great review Lauren

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed this film too! I think it’s taken so many people by surprise how good the film is, especially since the trailers were so average. It’s not often you feel like you’ve discovered something so unexpectedly good.

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