Bad Neighbours (2014)

Everybody needs good neighbours hey? Except we often don’t get a choice about who moves in next door to us and in the new comedy Bad Neighbours (released as Neighbours in the US) we see what happens when a normal couple get lumbered with the neighbours from hell.

Married couple Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) have a newborn baby and are struggling to adjust to being responsible adults while their friends are still out enjoying their wild social lives. When a frat house move in next door with all night parties and endless noise, a bitter war between the neighbours soon start to escalate.

Maybe it’s because I have experienced noisy neighbours in the past that I completely sympathised with the main couple’s plight as their new neighbours keep them up all night with their loud antics. It also helps that Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne are a likeable if also flawed couple who are capable of being just as immature as the frat boys. The film isn’t afraid to show their main characters being less than perfect and both sides are shown to take things too far in the battle for the street.

I was glad to see that for once the main female protagonist wasn’t stuck playing the nagging wife role. Instead Kelly is a co-conspirator in the couple’s quest to get the Frat House evicted from their street and gives Byrne a chance to show off her comedic talents. In fact the whole cast put their all into this comedy. The frat boys which include Zac Efron and Dave Franco manage to be crude, rude and in some places strangely likeable. Meanwhile Seth Rogan takes on a lot of the physical comedy that the characters find themselves in and is rewarded for his efforts with plenty of laugh out loud moments.

It’s a shame that like so many films these days theΒ  best jokes are spoiled in the trailers. Some audiences may also find some of the humour can be juvenile at times. While it may not be a classic comedy, it does provide plenty of laughs and leads that you can really root for.

Rating 3.5/5 – a funny,rude and enjoyable comedy


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14 responses to “Bad Neighbours (2014)

  1. Not seen it but seems to sum things up nicely πŸ™‚

  2. I laughed a whole heck of a lot during this. But what made it an even better watch, was that it had heart and a message that didn’t at all feel tacked-on. Good review Lauren.

    • Thanks. Yes it was good that the main couple were very likeable-and had the sweetest little baby-so it meant you cared about them as well as laughed at their exploits.

  3. I haven’t watched any of the trailers so maybe i’ll love it!

  4. Glad you found this movie to be enjoyable, I liked it too but it’s not for everyone. I also liked that the wife wasn’t nagging either and her performance was pretty good.

    • Yeah I can imagine the humour would turn a lot of people off but I found it funny! And yes it’s good to see the female character is not the nagging wife that women are normally portrayed as in movies and Rose Byrne was just as funny as everyone else πŸ™‚

  5. Tom

    Nice review Lauren! I thought it to be quite funny, too. And fully agreed on the state of mainstream trailers nowadays. It seems like you can’t get anything without a trailer including at least one (possibly) spoiler-heavy scene in the mix. In the case for this movie, yeah, a lot of the comedy (best moments anyway) were revealed before the movie even began! We must stop this. . . .

    • I know we need to start some kind of petition for them to stop showing spoiler heavy trailers. I know film producers want to to encourage viewers to watch the film but they should leave the best jokes for the film itself.

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