Godzilla (2014)

When I first heard that another Godzilla movie was being made my initial interest was zero. My interest piqued a little when I heard Gareth Edwards was going to directed it. I was impressed with Edwards first feature M0nsters and I was hopeful about what he could do with a huge budget to spend. Then when I saw the first trailer  for Godzilla I was properly excited. Would this be the film to finally cast aside all thoughts of the 1998 Godzilla movie?

Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is a soldier finally back home on leave to see his wife Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and son. However his leave is disrupted by his father Joe (Bryan Cranston). Joe is convinced that the Japanese authorities are hiding the real reason for a catastrophe at the Janjira nuclear plant which killed his wife 15 years ago. Joe and Ford’s investigation leads towards something much bigger than they ever could have expected.

I have so many mixed feelings about this movie. I don’t know if I was being particularly thick during this movie but there were large periods I was getting very confused about what was going on. I also got really annoyed at the terrible dumb-ass decisions the army makes to solve their problems. Considering I didn’t understand half the time what was going on even if I knew they were making a bad move.

The film starts off exciting with the incident at the Janjira nuclear plant in 1999, and whenever the creature would come and cause destruction the movie was really enthralling. But there were plenty of scenes in between when I was just bored and wanted to get back to the action. There was also a point where a major character died and instead of feeling shocked it was more a case of “oh are they dead?”

The human characters also fell flat. Aaron Taylor-Johnson makes for likeable hero (even if he is saddled with a boring distant father-son back story with Cranston). But the rest make for dull characters. It’s a shame to have got such a great supporting cast and for them to be wasted like this. Elizabeth Olsen plays the devoted wife and mother and looks scared at lot. And that’s about it. Oh and she’s a nurse. Ken Watanabe is left sprouting lots of exposition and looking serious. Sally Hawkins bares even worse given hardly anything worthwhile to do.

Where this film excels in is its realisation of Godzilla. There’s so much build up, so much hype and when you see him it doesn’t disappoint. The team behind creating such a creature really must be applauded. He is breathtaking and seeing him fighting, and destroying cities is just brilliant to watch. However we didn’t see him nearly enough, the movie is called Godzilla yet sometimes he felt like a side character in his own movie.

Edwards seems to fare better when it comes to the creatures he has created for the screen but the human side and the story needs more work. However he’s showed us he can work well with the Hollywood big boys, on his next movie he needs to do like his title character and smash it.

Rating 3/5 -dull characters and story, however Godzilla is a perfectly realised creation



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16 responses to “Godzilla (2014)

  1. I was hoping to see more of Godzilla and I wasn’t too interested in the human characters, but Godzilla’s reveal was really well done and the fight at the end was worth the wait. Great review, Lauren!

    • Thanks very much! I was really torn wiht this film as Godzilla himself was so good but everything else bored me a bit. Still at least it was better than the 1998 movie!

  2. The tension continues to get built-up here and it kept me watching and interested the whole time. Also, it was pretty damn exciting. Good review Lauren.

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I just wished it could have grabbed my attention the whole way through as it tended to waver whenever Godzilla was off the screen,

  3. I liked this one quite a bit more than you. Agree with you that the characters were lacking but the finesse with which the monsters were revealed and the action unfolded more than made up for it for me. Nice review Lauren.

    • The monsters were so good in this that it was a shame the rest was a bit of a disapointment-well for me anyway. I think a lot of people enjoyed it more than I did so I’m sure a sequel will be on the way!

  4. Good day to you Lauren, cool and justified review. Seems like we’re on different sides of the fence once again.

    I loved this film, I had no idea what to expect, the trailers had made this film look awesome but some early reviews made me feel questonable about the final product. But this film was kick ass, there was an actual story for the humans that mattered unlike the first film and there was actual suspense, mystery and build up towards Godzilla rather then just showing him off. The visuals were amazing, so detailed and Godzilla was such a badass, oh and that soundtrack was really cool too.

    While I do agree the story on the human side started out strong and didn’t consistently stay strong, plus there wasn’t as much Bryan Cranston and the stop and start nature of the monster action was very cruel teasing. But with all those things being said I was still satisfied by the end of the film.

    I feel like this film is the kind of disaster/monster films we need where there is actual suspense and build up and not just have everything visual thrown at ya and expect it to carry the film.

    • We always seem to be on different sides these days! 🙂
      I seem to be in the minority judging by the comments on here. I think the human side bothered me a lot more than it did other people.
      However Godzilla was indeed a bad-ass, and you’re completely right the soundtrack was really good-forgot to mention it in my post! I think I just wanted more Godzilla!
      Hopefully when the inevitable sequel is released they can sort out the human characters and I can enjoy it more!
      Thanks again for your comments!

  5. Great review. I liked the film and thought the majority of the film was good, which is a nice change from the 98 version which was mostly bad.

    The visuals and tone worked really well but the characters where lifeless, except Cranston.

    Still bring on MechaGodzilla! 😀

    • I think the whole world can agree this is better than the 1998 film. That was awful! 🙂

      From a technical view it was great-just needed a better story and characters. And I sound like a broken record but I wanted more Godzilla!

      No doubt there will be a Mega Godzilla vs Mega Shark cash in at some point! I dread to imagine what that’ll be like. 🙂

      • MORE GODZILLA. Remember that scene when they are about to fight and it cuts to a kid watching the news and you see the fight on that. I was in pure rage mode 😀

  6. The spectacular trailers were the very reason why excitement for this film picked off for me. Haven’t seen any other Godzilla film apart from Roland Emmerich’s one so going in pretty much clueless… Let’s hope I get to enjoy it, at least. Expertly calculated review, Lauren. Great job.

    • Thanks. I hope you enjoy the film a bit more than I did. But it is worth watching to see Godzilla causing a bit of meyhem! I think my expectations were a bit too high cause of the great trailers so maybe if you keep an open mind you’ll really like it.

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