Why can’t a girl like Jane Austen and Sci-Fi?

It’s odd that in this day and age a few people still find it surprising if I admit to being a sci-fi/fantasy fan. This is at a time when it’s acceptable to publicly admit watching a Star Trek film and Game of Thrones is a now a huge hit (BTW I will go all “Red Wedding” on anyone who dares reveals any season 4 spoilers). Yet every now and then someone will make a comment that makes me wonder why some people assume women can only enjoy watching chick flicks.

I was recently told by a guy that he was surprised to find I like Jane Austen adaptations and Sci-fi movies. It didn’t bother me at the time but later I started thinking why some people still assume a girl can’t enjoy a good rom-com and then watch an action or supernatural movie straight after.

If I was to respond now I would say I’m not a fan of any particular genre-I just like good stories. Isn’t that what films are about after all? Great storytelling?

Sometimes when I buy one of my film/genre magazines I’ve had the guy at the checkout mention in a friendly way that I’m only buying the magazine because Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds is on it. I’ve also brought a sci-fi magazine when Godzilla was on the cover so I’m not sure what he would try to imply about that.

If I only watched sci-fi films because a handsome man is in it I would have watched Green Lantern several times and brought the DVD, but even Ryan Reynolds could not make me watch that dud.  I watch films that I think may have an interesting or entertaining story to tell. Having a good-looking actor in a film is a bonus not a requirement.

Still these experiences are in the minority and when I discuss it with people in day-to-day life and in the blogging world about a variety of films and genres, I like to think we all respect each other’s views and opinions. For the most part anyway.

But I’d like any female bloggers to share any similar reactions they’ve had if they’ve admitted to liking sci-fi or other typically “male” genres? And guys, is there any films you’re afraid to admit liking in case it’s  seen as a “chick flick”?



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17 responses to “Why can’t a girl like Jane Austen and Sci-Fi?

  1. theipc

    You better skip my post today 🙂

  2. Great that you’ve raised these issues here. I find it frustrating that so many film publications are written for a name readership with the assumption that women aren’t interested in film. Well hello! We are! Can’t you print something for us too?!

    • It’s true, I know lots of girls with subscriptions to film magazines so it’s not as though the audience isn’t there. It is frustrating at times.

  3. It’s a shame he thinks like that. Film is like music in that you shouldn’t have limits. In terms of romcom stuff I liked Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl.

  4. I get that it would be a bit annoying, especially that magazine stuff. But it is a little unusual to hear it at least that girls would like ‘Aliens’ for example. I’d think it was great and to be honest my opinion of you would only increase. Good post 😀

    Now then on my side I don’t like many rom coms but I do like a good musical 😀

  5. There aren’t many movies I won’t admit to liking, but I guess a type of film I enjoy that can be seen as “girly” are Disney Princess movies. I really enjoy movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen.

  6. I can relate. Why is so difficult for certain people to understand that I enjoy Aliens as much as the BBC mini-series of Pride & Prejudice? It seems a rather narrow view of the world.

    • It is frustrating. Aliens is so good becuase it has a strong female character as well as a kick-ass story. Doesn’t mean I can’t like a bit of Pride and Prejudice too. Still as long as we keep sharing our views people can get the message that it’s ok to like both.

  7. Great post! I have experienced this too, and I find it very odd that there are still “boy movies” and “girl movies.” I like a pretty wide range of movies, and my boyfriend enjoys several “girly” movies too…
    On a side note, the reason I came to your blog was your Buffy picture! I will automatically trust someone’s movie opinions if they like Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    • Thanks. It’s annoying in this day and age that there is still “boy” movies and “girl” movies, I find myself saying it sometimes and then get annoyed at myself!

      Glad you like the picture. Its always good to meet a fellow Buffy fan-we have to stick together to remind the world how awesome Buffy is (not that anyone should need reminding).

  8. Tom

    Great post Lauren! I’m pretty slow to admit that I really like 50 First Dates. . . Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. But I might be more afraid to admit I like that because it’s one of those Adam Sandler flicks. hahah.

    Good discussion, btw. I think people who just assume a certain person is going to stick to one genre or another based on gender are pretty dumb people who aren’t in tune with reality.

    • I think as long as its an Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore film then its ok.I think Drew cancels out the badness. 🙂 Thanks for joining in the discussion.

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