Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After some exciting trailers the highly anticipated sequel to 2011’s Captain America film is here! But with all that hype can Steve Rogers and co possibly live up to the expectations?

Two years since the events of The Avengers and Steve Rogers is working for S.H.I.E.L.D and trying to find his place in the modern world. However as he finds himself involved in a conspiracy that threatens the world’s freedom he’s left wondering who he can really trust.

I liked the film, I really did, but I didn’t love it like I hoped I would. I think what I missed was a sense of fun that Marvel normally brings to its films like in Thor 2, Iron Man 3 and The Avengers. Thats not to say the film isn’t funny at points, it is, I just wanted more. But then that might have jarred with the conspiracy thriller feel that this film is going for.

I also found some of the twists a bit predictable and they took too long to reveal the identity of the Winter Soldier, especially considering most fans already knew who he was (granted some people may not have known but still I think this should have been revealed earlier in the film).

However despite this the film did have a lot of good points. Chris Evans is his usual charismatic self, making Steve Rogers a charming and noble man rather than the do-gooder bore he could have been. I liked seeing more of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) this time around and even though they played up the possible chemistry between her and Captain America I’m glad she wasn’t relegated to playing the ‘love interest’ role.

Again Marvel cast their supporting players well. Regular characters such as Nick Fury(Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) get a welcome return. We also get some brand new characters with Anthony Mackie’s first appearance as Falcon. I did feel we could have learnt a bit more about his back story but at least he was more well-developed than just being Captain America’s  black best friend.

As ever the fight scenes in the movie are great and are just as thrilling as anything Marvel has ever done in their other films. I also liked the fact that Anthony and Joe Russo-mostly known from directing tv shows such as Community and Arrested Developement– tried something different with this movie, making it more a conspiracy action film than the usual Marvel movie. Theres also for once a great mid-credit scene featuring some new characters to be seen in the next Avengers movie.

Rating 3.5/5 – solid work from Marvel but lacking a bit of fun



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12 responses to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  1. Good review Lauren. Had a fun time with this. Then again, Marvel ever gives me a bad time.

  2. Good review. While I really liked this movie, I also felt that it didn’t have the fun of Avengers, though I understand it’s a different kind of movie.

    • Thanks. I get that they wanted to have a more serious feel as it’s meant to be like a 70’s conspiracy thriller but I just missed the fun and random comedy of the other films.

  3. Think you’re just about spot on with this! I enjoyed it but it definitely had its flaws. I did like the villain though, which is something Marvel haven’t always nailed.

    • The casting for this is great and it worked on some levels but I think I’m just used to my Marvel films with a bit more humour. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Cool review Lauren, I’m quite surprised by your thoughts on the film but hey that’s why we all have different opinions I guess. I would say that some of your comments are justified. Marvel Studios have build films that have had a balance of action, humour and heart, that being said, Marvel are understanding that variation is required to keep superhero films relevant, so that’s why I feel like the more serious, political thriller elements were put into place and I believe the film benefits from it highly.

    P.S. sorry for the long-winded comment but I had stuff to say. 😛

    • Always happy to have a long winded comment 🙂
      I know my opinion is probably in the majority, and I did enjoy the film but I guess I’m so use to all the humour Marvel normally has that I was a bit surprised to find it more serious. But I’m glad that Marvel are confident enough to take risks with their films as thats what will help keep the franchises going when people get superhero fatigue.

  5. Sorry you didn’t like this one a bit more, Lauren! It’s definitely a new direction for Marvel. I agree with you that The Dark World is a smidge better (because LOKI…lol), but I really did enjoy Winter Soldier. Especially given the huge effect it’s going to have on Age of Ultron!! Nice review, lady! 🙂

    • A bit of Loki is alwats good. 😉 It will be interesting to see where the Marvel Universe will go next. I’m so excitied for the next Avengers movie!

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