I have to say I’m loving Liam Neeson’s re-invention as an action hero. Starting of course with Taken he is now the go-to guy when some bad guys need an ass-kicking (and Jason Statham isn’t available). Is Non-Stop another box office hit for action man Neeson?

Neeson plays an US Federal Air Marshal Bill Marks travelling on a flight from New York to London. Bill has already got a few problems in his life following his divorce and drinking problems. His life is about to get a whole lot worse when he’s receives text messages on his secure phone  from an unknown source demanding money or a passenger will die every 20 minutes.

A word of warning, the plot for Non-Stop is very, very silly. My sister even went as far as to say it’s preposterous! Nothing makes sense, a lot of coincidences seem to have to take place in order for the hijacker’s plan to work and said hijacker’s reason for the hijacking is underwhelming. It doesn’t help that Bill is an Air Marshal who hates flying! Talk about being in the wrong profession. It is also amusing watching the ways Bill manage to accidentally incriminate himself further, taking extreme measures instead of handling things in a more professional manner. It’s no wonder people start to suspect him of being unstable.

Despite all this,  I have to say I enjoyed this film. It is stupid, but fun. If you disengage your brain and not worry about things such as plausibility then at times it’s a tense, exciting film. Theres some fun to be had trying to work out who the hijacker is and who the next victim will be. It’s never boring, and  is a thoroughly entertaining ride

Apart from Neeson the only person who gets any meat to their role is Julianne Moore as a passenger Jen who sits next to Bill and gets herself involved in the complicated plot. Michelle Dockery tries to add more weight to her role as a stewardess but hasn’t got much to work with, while the recent winner of Best Supporting Actress Oscar Lupita N’yongo is thoroughly wasted in this film.

No doubt many people will hate this film and won’t be able to get pass the plot holes-of which there are many. However if you allow yourself to put any distractions such as believability aside, Non-Stop can be plenty of fun.

Rating 3/5-silly, implausible and makes no sense what so ever, but god damn it I was entertained



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10 responses to “Non-Stop

  1. An air marshal who hates flying! Hahaha thats the stupidest thing Ive ever heard! Great review Lauren, I want to watch it now!

  2. Good review Lauren. It’s pretty damn dumb, but I didn’t have a problem with that as it just continued to make me more and more tense as this mystery went along.

  3. Nice review yo, this film is a bit absurd but there is a lot of fun to be found with it. It was a lot more suspenseful and mysterious than I expected, there’s a lot more weight to this film than I expected. I love how you highlighted how Marks incriminated himself, I saw it happening in the cinema and I just wanted to say “Dude stop! You’re shooting yourself in the damn foot yo!”

    • It kept making me laugh so much because you couldn’t blame everyone for suspecting him. If I was on a flight and someone started acting like that I’d be freaked out too.

  4. Tom

    yep, so was I! 🙂 Nice review Lauren

  5. Nice review. So far I haven’t managed to catch this one. It sounds like good fun though even if it is a bit silly.

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