Out of Sight (1998)

When I first saw this movie it was probably my first exposure to the work of Steven Soderbergh, Out of Sight sees Geroge Clooney making up for the previous year’s Batman and Robin. This movie also reminds us that before she became known to the world as J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez was once known for being an actress.

Bank robber Jack Foley (Clooney) is breaking out of prison when a cop Karen Sisco (Lopez) almost foils his escape plan. Having to improvise he bundles her into the boot of his car with him as his friend Buddy (Ving Rhames) drives them far away from the prison. Despite the circumstances Foley and Karen get to talking and find they actually enjoy each other’s company. However they have to return to their normal lives which involves Karen chasing after Foley who in turn is determined to complete one last job.

This film had a lot of attention on it’s release for the chemistry between Clooney and Lopez (as well as about  J.Lo’s behind) and it has to be said the chemistry between them is amazing. The scene where they are stuck together in the car boot  is sizzling with sexual attraction and you can believe they would both take the risks to see each other again while still intent on completing their own separate missions.

Granted I haven’t seen a lot of Lopez’s films but this is my second favourite movie of hers (after Anaconda of course). She makes for a believable kick-ass cop and her relationship with her dad rounds out her character rather than just being Clooney’s love interest. Maybe Lopez needs to return to the crime genre rather than the same old rom-coms she seems to be turning out lately.

As well as the romance, there is also a thrilling story to be told. Soderbergh mixes up the narriative with flashbacks to Foley’s time in prison and explaining how he got to where he was at the beginning of the film. It’s fun seeing the story come together and wondering what Foley’s last job will be and seeing him going up against the proper bad guys lead by Don Cheadle. The script is also fun and snappy whether it’s the sparring between Foley and Karen or Foley’s interactions with Buddy.

This is the film to show anyone when they talking about what on-screen chemistry is, although not the best example for dating tips. (Bundling a girl into a car only works in this film, not in any other situation, even if it is by George Clooney).

Rating 4.5/5 – sexy,fun and thrilling-if only all crime films can be as good as this.


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14 responses to “Out of Sight (1998)

  1. It does have some humour, but the chemistry is still what I remember most. Sizzling is amazing. The only other J-Lo movies I’ve seen are Anaconda, U-Turn, Maid in Manhattan, Antz and Shall we Dance. She’s great in the last one btw.

  2. Great review! It’s been a long time since I saw this, but you made me want to revisit it.

  3. Love this movie, and it holds up so well. Lopez is so good, which gives me hope she’ll find her acting voice again at some point. This was one of the movies that made Clooney’s career and set him up for Ocean’s 11. It’s my favorite Soderbergh film, and I’ve pretty much seen them all. You hit on the main reasons for its success. It feels so effortless, and part of that is due to Elmore Leonard. It’s the best adaptation of his work, which is saying a lot. Nice job.

    • It’s weird to think that she wasn’t always known as J Lo. I wish she would do more roles like this again. This definately helped define Clooney’s career and I think many audience members fell in love with him after seeing this film (if they hadn’t already seen him in ER). I should really read the book of this at some point but I never seem to get round to it.

  4. I’m glad you mentioned the mighty Anaconda! I agree though, Out of Sight is excellent

  5. One of my favorites, and definitely my favorite from Soderbergh. Pretty much, this whole film is the exact reason why I ever give J’Lo the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her acting. Good review Lauren.

    • Thanks, I know it was weird watching this and remembering she wasn’t known for being a singer back then. It’s probably my favourite from Soderbergh too.

  6. Great review yo, I think you’ve convinced me that I need to watch this film. Steven Soderbergh is a director who has helmed some of the most-talked about films in the world of film and his name popped a lot during my media production course in college. Even one of my mates who got him for our auteur project really ended up likinga lot of his films she hadn’t seen.

    For me I’ve not seen too many of his films besides Oceans 11, bits of Oceans 12, Magic Mike and Side Effects. My favourite from him was The Informant!, that film was an unexpectedly good experience for me in the cinema back in 2009 because I went into the film blind, chasing after Matt Damon and found a very interesting film.

    Anyways got loads of his films to put on the back burner now lol. P.S sorry for the long-ass comment yo. 😛

    • Thanks. It’s such a good film it should go straight to the top of your Soderbergh watch list. I wouldn’t bother watching the rest of Oceans 12 and go striaght to Ocean 13 instead.

      I haven’t seen The Informant, I’ll try and see if I can find it and have a look.

      P.S I don’t mind a long-ass comment. 🙂

  7. Steven Soderbergh can make any person good in a movie so of course Miss Lopez/J-Lo would be good in this one. Hell he made Adult Actress Sasha Grey into a good one in “The Girlfriend Experience”. Agree that the chemistry between Clooney and J-Lo was good and she hasn’t had any good on screen pair ups since then. Good Review. Love the Avatar

    • I haven’t seen The Girlfriend Experience. I’ll try to have that as my next Soderbergh movie to watch. Thanks for the comment and glad you like the avatar (it shows you have great taste 🙂 )

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