Static (2012)

Sometimes you go into a film blind knowing nothing or very little about what you’re going to see. You have no idea if the movie has been reviewed as a complete dud or a hidden gem. Being bored one evening I stumbled across Static and decided to take a trip into the unknown.

A distraught couple are coping badly after the death of their young son. One evening a stranger arrives at their door claiming that some men are after her.  Can she be trusted? Will the men come after them?

I am so bored of mediocre horror films. The ones that can’t even be bothered to be properly awful and instead just float along on other films’ cliches. Unfortunately Static is one of those movies.

It starts off promising. Leads Milo Ventimiglia and Sarah Shahi, while not always likebale, were convincing as the grieving parents taking their misery out on each other. The arrival of Kate Bosworth’s Rachel into their home was intreaging. Is she telling the truth about why she’s there? Why does she know so much about Jonathan? The tension is building up during these early scenes and when the shit hits the fan you really start worrying for this couple.

However this is one of those films that lives or dies on its ending, with everything being based around the final ‘twist’. Here the ending was a complete let down. The movie leads you to think it will be one type of horror cliche then has the ending of another. However this change is not successful, and the resulting twist end ups not being original, scary or make any sense. You’re more likely to finish the film thinking really was that it? That was the reason for all this?

Can Hollywood please come up with some new ‘twists’ instead of recycling old ones. Is that too much to ask? Probably. Lets hope 2014 gives us more orginal-and scary-horror films.

Rating-2/5 A creepy beginning gives way to a cliched ending



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7 responses to “Static (2012)

  1. theipc

    I kinda liked this one – but I can totally see your point.

  2. I lived in Mexico for three years and this was how I saw every movie – knew nothing about it. It was quite great, and one of the reasons I now only read reviews after I’ve seen a movie.

    • I’m trying to do more of that now as some reviews can spoil the movie. Although Static was not a good example there are other films where I went in not knowing anything and find them quite enjoyable. And at least then I can’t complain that all the good bits were in the trailer 🙂

  3. Reading reviews before a film is something I always do, yet something I know I should avoid. It warps your perspective in a way, and sometimes you’ll have fear of giving a high rated movie a low review, or a high rating to a low review just because of others. I strive for honesty in mine, but yes, my point is, I would like to give up looking first, and have a more natural viewing experience.

    As for your point about being sick of mediocre horror, I agree 100%. Static appears to be just that, a cliche ridden mess borrowing endings from other films. Good read.

    • I wish I could give up reading reviews or watching trailers before a film but I always want to know more about a film before watching to see if it’s worth my time. Damn my curious nature! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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