Trap for Cinderella

 It’s nice to sometimes take a break from the blockblusters and catch up with some independant features. So with that in mind I watched Trap for Cinderella, a small British thriller about identity, memory and obssession.

Mickey (Tuppence Middleton) wakes up in hospital after a fire at her late aunt’s house. She’s left with amnesia, not even recognising her own face. As she begins to piece together her life she stumbles across her friend Do’s (Alexandra Roach) diary unearthings secrets and betrayal.

The film has an intriguing set-up with us following Mickey in her confused states as she fails to remember anything about her life or the people in it. The film then switches to Do’s point of view, chronicling the months leading up to the accident. All this is held with a certain tense interest. However it falls into its own trap-similar to most thrillers-in that it tries to be too clever for its own good. The twists are ridiculous and rely on too many coincidence or leaps of faith to believe in.

There are some saving graces to the film. The plot-while ridiculous is at least interesting, and the cast give the script more gravitas then it deserves. The two actresses Middleton and Roach playing Mickey and Do carry the film well. Middleton in particular is great, able to successfully convince as the wild party girl as seen in flashback, and the vulnerable, confused Mickey in the present day. I’ve seen her in a few so-so films such as 2009 Brit horror Tormented, as well as TV shows such as Black Mirror and she’s always been the stand out for me. I have a good feeling about her and I’m sure if she was in a bigger, and better film she’s have the potential to be a huge star. However this is not that vehicle.

Rating 2.5/5-disapointing in its execution and twists that you can’t take seriously, but good performances from its two lead actresses saves it from being a complete dud.


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