Don Jon

The multi talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, directs and stars in this comedy about a man who is addicted to porn.  I’m a big fan of Gordon-Levitt but can he cut it as a director and writer?

Godon-Levitt plays Jon, who despite being successful with women prefer the girls who appear in online porn. On a night out he meets Barbara(Scarlett Johansson) and pursues a relationship with her, however things soon turn sour when she discovers his internet activities.

It is a relief to report that Don Jon is an intelligent, funny and thoughtful take on sex and relationships.  Instead of judging Don for watching such films, the movie is more concerned about his relationship with women. He constantly refers to Barbra as “The most beautiful thing I have seen”. He fails to see Barbara as a person, he mostly talks about how great she looks. He says he loves her but it seems he’s more in love with her looks.

Despite Jon’s issues, Barbara is not made out to be the victim of the piece, as she has her own faults such as being a bit of a snob, and trying to mould Jon into her perfect man. She too falls into the same traps that Jon does, although her addiction is romantic movies that spin the tale of happy ever after and men that will sacrifice everything for the women they love. Just as Jon fails to realise that the women in his movies are just acting, Barbara fails to realise that the men in her movies are not real. Both are failing to connect to real people, preferring their films over real life.

Jon’s family is great, especially like the running joke of Jon’s sister being mute and texting all through the family scenes-and even in church. However you better listen when she does have something to say. Also good is Julianne Moore as Jon’s fellow student who tries to get him to see further than just his porn films.

Rating 4/5-Aside from being a smart comedy this film brings back Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch 90’s hit Good Vibration.




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4 responses to “Don Jon

  1. Gets messy by the end, but still is interesting enough for me to wonder what’s next for JGL the director. Good review.

  2. Nice review yo, you’re one of the few people I’ve seen give this a good review, so now I know I must check it out at some point. 🙂

    • Thanks-I hope you do end up liking it! I thought it was smart and funny, and I think JGL will come up with some really good projects in the future. Even if you don’t end up liking it I think the film sets up some interesting discussions which make it worthwhile.

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