Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig is great actress and comedian as seen is her leading role in Bridesmaids and supporting turns in Whip It and Friends with Kids (which coincidentally was the first thing I reviewed on this site!). Now Wiig attempts a slightly more intense role in her latest film Girl Most Likely.

Imogene (Wiig) was once a promising playwriter but having failed to live up to her early promise she puts everything into her job and boyfriend in New York. When they both fall apart on the same day she fakes a suicide attempt to win back said boyfriend. The plan backfires spectacularly as the boyfriend pays no interest in her and she is put into the care of her eccentric mother (Annette Benning), and returns to the home she hasn’t been back to in years.

Ok let’s get this out the way, although it features Wiig this isn’t Bridesmaids, nor does it pretend to be.  The story is more darker, dealing with loneliness, failed ambitions and abandonment issues. The protagonist isn’t always sympathetic or likeable (she did fake a suicide attempt after all) but the film doesn’t shy away from the fact that Imogene has problems and her view of the world and the people in her life isn’t always correct.

The film isn’t devoid of laughs though, the supporting characters are fun such as Matt Dillon’s underused George, the younger boyfriend of Imogene’s mother and a possible nutcase. Christopher Fitzgerald is also great as Ralph-Imogene’s socially awkward brother who manages to be funny and sweet.

However this film does seem to be in the middle of an identity crisis. Is it an indie drama about a woman’s life falling apart with some humour thrown in or a comedy about a woman returning home to her family with a bit of drama involved. The tone is uneven throughout and I suspect others may not like it as much as I did. Although fellow Glee fans may enjoy seeing Darren Criss in more grown up fare (and singing Backstreet Boys too).

Rating-3/5-while not for everyone, fans looking to see Wiig in a more serious role should give this a shot.



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2 responses to “Girl Most Likely

  1. On my list for the worst of the year. Can’t explain how or why, but it’s just a feeling I have whenever I hear this movie come up into conversation. Good review Lauren.

    • Yeah I’ve read some bad reviews for this film but for some reason I thought it was alright (maybe because I was expecting it to be terrible?) Thanks for commenting!

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