There are a overwhelming number of hostage movies in the film world at the moment so can Brit film Confine offers a fresh spin on the genre?

After an accident which has left her phsyically and emotionally scarred former model Pippa (Daisy Lowe) has spent years staying inside her home. Agrophobic and OCD she keeps herself safe from the outside world. However she finds she can’t control anything when Kayleigh (Eliza Bennet) breaks into her flat and holds her hostage.

Set in one location and featuring a very small cast Confine has to try to keep its audience entertained for the duration of it’s (admittedly low) running time. A cat and mouse game begins between Pippa and Kayleigh as both want control of the situation but things keep happening to cause dissruption such as the arrival of Kayleigh’s partner-in-crime Henry (Alfie Allen).

As the action mostly features around the two girls the actresses carry the film well. Model Lowe is good as Pippa but Bennet is the stand out as crazy Kayleigh. Sometimes she is almost symapthetic to Pippa (or as much as she is able to) while other times she threatens to kill her if she doesn’t cooperate with her plan.

The film is filled with tension for most part and you’re unsure how the action is going to play out on screen. However even with its short running time the film runs out of steam towards the end and a plot twist that comes up in the last third doesn’t really make any sense. Still the idea is good and mostly executed well, with good performances from the two lead actresses.

Rating-3/5-although it doesn’t quite live up to its potential this is an intense thriller with good performances


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