Trance is a Danny Boyle’s thriller that was released earlier this year. It is one of three films this year which has actor James McAvoy  trying  to  explore darker, more complicated characters (the others being Welcome to the Punch and Filth).

McAvoy plays Simon, an art auctioneer who plays an inside role to a robbery at the gallery he works for. However after a knock on the head he gets amnesia and forgets where he put the painting they were going to steal. Naturally his fellow robbers are not happy about this and try torture the answers out of him. When that doesn’t work, the leader Franck (Vincent Cassel) gets a hypnotist called Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson)to get the painting from him. However the truth is a lot more complicated than it appears.

The film starts out strong, as though this will be a smart thriller about people with dubious morals. However as the film goes on, there are too many twists going on and when you think about them it doesn’t make sense. In the end it seems like an awful lot of hard work just for one character’s end goal.

Not every movie needs a sympathetic or relatable character to follow, but there is no one in the film interesting enough to care what happens to them. The cast do what they can, and McAvoy clearly relishes playing a character that isn’t a straight forward good guy, but I think he’ll have more luck with his upcoming film Filth.

Probably only worth watching if you want to see Dawson naked. Hilariously the film tries to make  Dawson’s full-frontal nudity seem like an important plot point in the film, when obviously they just wanted to see Dawson naked. Just be honest Boyle!

Rating 2.5/5-a good start gives way to a film that has to many twists and turns for its own good


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