The 12th Doctor

Finally after months of speculation Doctor Who has revealed its 12th Doctor as Peter Capaldi. Capaldi is best known from BBC’s The Thick of It (and it’s spin off film  In The Loop). Capaldi has also been part of the Whoniverse before in the Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompei (alongside Karen Gillian before she was cast as the Doctor’s assistant Amy Pond) and Torchwood: Children of Earth.

So although its not a radical casting (will we ever get a black doctor or even a female doctor?), he is a different type of actor to Matt Smith. So what will 12th be like? First impressions seem to be that he won’t be as silly or phsyical as Smith’s, but he will strike you down with one look or a clever put down. For me he certianly has the claught to deal with the comedic and dramatic elements the role provides.

So what do you think? Was it the right choice? Who should have been the Doctor? What will his costume be like (no bow ties I hope)?


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6 responses to “The 12th Doctor

  1. Ha, I’ve just been writing about this too. I can’t actually imagine what his Doctor will be like. It’ll be interesting though

    • Seems like a hot topic on the internet today! Before the announcement I never had him in mind for the Doctor, so in my head I just imagine his version of the Doctor being like the character he plays in The Thick of It.

  2. theipc

    It’ll be interesting for sure…

  3. I am getting up there in years and I don’t want a Dr. older than me, just seems wrong.

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