The Challenge is Completed!

It’s done. Thank God! I didn’t realise quite how difficult I would find it going without sleep for 24 hours, especially as I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted before the event itself.

Ok so here were the rules of the event:

  • During the 24 hours I must watch at least 12 films (full list to be posted soon). Done in fact I did 13!
  • After each film ends (during the credits) I can have a five-minute window to do as I please Done
  • After three films I can have a fifteen minute break I really needed these I was going crazy
  • I must watch each film all the way through, no slipping out to grab a drink or something in between Done
  • I must not fall asleep while watching the films Done-i don’t know how but done!
  • The challenge will start at Thursday 14/03/2013 at 3am and finish Friday 15/03/2013 at 3am 3:08 actually
  • After the challenge is over (and I have a few hours’ sleep) I must write-up the events of my challenge on my blog  by 1pm on Friday 15th March. Here is where I slipped up. I thought I set my alarm but apart from briefly waking up at 8 and then falling straight back to sleep I slept til 3:10pm!

So I failed one of the rules, what does this mean. Well I’ve decided that I will donate £10 to Comic Relief. I’ve already reached my fundraising target so this will be a nice extra on top.

I wrote a lot of notes during my challenge about each film I watched just to help me stay awake. At lot of it is a incoherent mess. The rest is me moaning about how I wish I could go to sleep. I’m also still extremely tired. So what I’ll do is go through my notes and write about the films later this week. But right now, I need to crash!

Thank you to those who have supported me during this challenge, it’s what I needed to keep going! And thanks to those who sponsored me too, it’s very much appreciated.


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2 responses to “The Challenge is Completed!

  1. Ha! It cracks me up that you did this. I’m glad you met your fundraising target. Congratulations on finishing.

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