Pitch Perfect

Prepared to get Pitch Slapped

Surprisingly getting pitch slapped is more enjoyable than I had imagined. This college set comedy centring on an all-female a cappella group infuses songs, adult humour and a feel-good sense of fun.

So sulky Beca is a freshman at Barden University but she really wants to be in the LA music scene. Her dad-trying to persuade her to be sociable-encourages her to join the Barden Bellas. There she meets an array of girls who are struggling to get through to the finals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella and beat their rivals the Treblemakers.  Can wannabe music producer Beca get the girls to loosen up from their tired, boring routines and do something more modern and funky? What do you think?

The film itself may have some predictable notes but that doesn’t stop it from being funny. The film is full of many hilarious one liners that are bound to have moviegoers repeating to their friends as they leave the cinema.

The performance everyone will be talking about is Fat Amy played by rising star Rebel Wilson. She gets most of the best lines and will become a cult comedy character. Out of the rest of the supporting cast I had a soft spot for Benji, (Ben Platt) the Treblemakers super fan who loves magic. In the lead role Anna Kendrick manages to make Beca moody but not too cold to root for. Her relationship with Jesse (Skylar Astin) helps as she begins to soften through their interactions. Austin makes for a refreshingly three dimensional love interest compared to the shallow ones you normally get in this kind of film. In fact he was so nice that half the time I wanted Beca to ditch the Bellas and start up her own super group with Jesses, Benji and Fat Amy (Maybe an idea for sequel?)

The film’s main sour point for me was the subplot of Beca’s relationship with her dad. He wants her to integrate into student life, she just wants to listen to her music. Dull. Luckily the film doesn’t spend too long on this plot strand. Not when there’s so much singing and dancing to be had.

Rating 4/5

Fun and Fabulous.  Plus you got to love a film that promotes The Breakfast Club as heavily as this one does.



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2 responses to “Pitch Perfect

  1. Yeah, it was a completely formulaic movie, but I really really loved it. Just made me happy.

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