Matthew Bomer-Too Gay for Grey?

The film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey is the talk of Hollywood as the moment. Speculation has been rife as to who may play the handsome and seriously screwed up Christian Grey. One name that’s currently being mentioned is Matthew Bomer whose previous credits include the lead in tv series White Collar and one of the male strippers in Magic Mike. He’s also-in case you couldn’t guess by the title-gay.

According to Bret Easton Elis-writer of American Psycho (who recently lost out on becoming the scriptwriter for the film Fifty Shades of Grey) because Matthew Bomer is openly gay he cannot play the role of Christian Grey.

Then I hear some people actually agree with him. That because they know he’s gay, they wouldn’t be able to believe him as a straight man.

So with that in mind, I’ve started a list of requirements for an actor to play Christian Grey.

  • He has to be a billionaire-with his own private helicopter
  • He has to be involved in dominate/submissive kinky relationship-sorry no vanilla sex allowed
  • He has to be an obsessive, control freak, stalker
  • He has to have a crack whore for a mother


Hmm. Looking at that list again it may be a bit hard to find one guy who fits all these things.  Maybe I need to think of another solution. Perhaps he doesn’t need to be all these things in real life. Maybe he could pretend instead. You know like ACTING!

What am I saying? Is that crazy? Because we all know that Johnny Depp is really a pirate, Ian McKellan is a wizard and Zachary Quinto is really a Vulcan.

To be honest I don’t really know if Fifty Shades of Grey will make a good film, but I am intrigued with its journey to the big screen. I find the character of Christian Grey to be quite unappealing so they need to find a likeable actor for the audience to want to follow through three films. From what I’ve seen of him Matthew Bomer he is good looking and a talented actor who is able to play a straight man convincingly. Being gay shouldn’t factor one way or another. Ultimately whoever lands the role should get it because they are the best actor for the part, not because they are gay or straight.


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2 responses to “Matthew Bomer-Too Gay for Grey?

  1. Nice post, it’s a pretty strange comment from Bret Easton Elis (who himself is gay) but then the writer seems to be on some Twitter controversy kick these days. I don’t see how an actor’s sexuality or personality would play into their roles at all.

    • I agree, all that matters is that they are the best actor for the part, it doesn’t matter who they are sleeping with. Strange that a lot of people think an actor’s sexuality means they can’t play a certain role.

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