Spiderman-To Reboot Or Not To Reboot

As I’ll be watching The Amazing Spiderman film this week it’s got me thinking about whether Spiderman really needs a reboot?  Is it necessary to keep the franchise fresh or just an excuse to make more money for studio bosses?

Personally I love the first two Spiderman films. I thought Toby Maguire was fantastic in the role of Peter Parker and had great chemistry with Kristen Dunst as Mary-Jane. Overall the films were filled with great action sequences (especially the train scene in the second movie) as well as a satisfying emotional journey for the characters.

Not that Sam Rami’s Spiderman films were flawless. Mary-Jane got more annoying with each film and the third film suffered from too many villains and wasting the potentially great character of Venom. Despite this I was sad when I heard Sam Rami and co would not be returning for another spin of the web (sorry I had to have one rubbish pun). Then hearing that another Spiderman film was due to be released rebooting the franchise to have Peter Parker back at school had me worried.

I have nothing against remakes/reboots in general. As long as they have something new to say about the concept they’re remaking. After the cheesy Batman and Robin the Batman franchise was in need of a facelift (although I have to say the film is a guilty pleasure of mine). Christopher Nolan put his own stamp on the franchise drawing inspiration from the classic comic books such as Batman: Year One to give us a darker Gotham, grounded in realism for the new Batman to inhabit.

For a remake or reboot to work I think a director has to carefully put his own style and creativity into the film, adding something fresh to the mix, a new perspective on the characters or making it relevant for a new generation of filmgoers, without forgetting what makes people love the original in the first place. This is not an easy task especially with audience expectations so high and studio meddling often involved.

Sometimes a film doesn’t need remaking. Case in point John Carpenter’s The Thing. Itself already a brilliant remake of The Thing From Out of Space. Last year’s remake/prequel of The Thing was just a waste of time (note to movie studios-if you’re lucky to get one excellent remake of a film what are the chances of it happening with a remake of a remake? Sorry remake/‘prequel’.)

Now Spiderman 3 wasn’t great but it was no Batman and Robin. I’m not against another Spiderman sequel but does it really need another origin story so soon? Couldn’t it have just been Spiderman 4 with a new director and actor? Or is the only option for a fresh take is to go the Nolan way and to start at the beginning?

There are good signs with this film. The leads Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are two of my favourite rising stars. Check out Garfield in brooding form in the first episode of tv series Red Riding or Stone’s hilarious turn in Easy A for evidence they deserve the success Spiderman could give them. I think Garfield could make a wonderfully geeky Peter Parker and Stone has enough presence to be more than just the ‘love interest’. It also bodes well that the director Marc Webb made 500 Days of Summer (go see it-Joseph Gordon Levitt is brilliant).

Still I can’t help but not feel overly excited by the prospect of seeing The Amazing Spiderman. With this film coming after the funny and exciting Avengers Assembled and with the hotly anticipated The Dark Knight Rise still to come, is there enough room for a third superhero film to share the spotlight this year?

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